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Sunset walks and 10,000 steps a day

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tuesday nights are officially "beach walk, then watch the sunset night" with my 13 year old daughter. Sometimes my son joins us. This is our plan that was set a month ago, and we are doing it throughout summer. We may have to ride our bikes, if parking gets bad. We also have a bit of a competition to see who walks the most steps in a day, with 10,000 set as our minimum goal. We will go for an evening walk, or a run, if one of us is low that day. Before bed, my daughter will often text me things, from the other room, like "ha! 20,300 steps, I won!" I will tell her it's not a competition, unless I won. We often run 1.5 miles in the morning to Starbucks for a plain coffee. Then walk home and talk about everything.. Which is amazingly awesome to be let on the teenagers life. "To be a better role model" was my main reason for starting all of this 6 years ago. I was 340 pounds, and I barely walked anywhere. I never thought I'd even lose that 180 pounds. I just didn't want to pass my bad habits on to my kids. My daughter was starting to go in that direction. So I changed to be a better role model.. And in a lot of ways, they've followed. They resisted at first, but I persevered. I changed my life. Now, I'm passing down healthy habits. It feels good and it's fun. Now my daughter encourages me in other ways. Like she wakes me up to go running. She wants us to do the Star Wars 10k together. As for my son, I have him eating more whole food, and less sugar.. It's a start. Small victories... And sunset beach walks. It's all good stuff. When she's grown, she'll have memories of watching the sunset with me, long talks coming back from Starbucks, running, me embarrassing her as I dance at "club Forever 21"....those are much better memories to make than the ones I would have made sitting on the couch.
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