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Traffic Derailment for the Day

Thursday, March 19, 2015

So I allowed a little messed up traffic last night to totally derail my great day…so frustrating…arrghhh, why do I let little unimportant things get to me and derail me??

So – the background on my commute before I get to my derailment. I work in DC and live in Spotsylvania, which is a 65 mile one way trip. Because of the large number of commuters DC gets, our interstate has regular lanes and HOV/HOT lanes. I ride a vanpool everyday so that I can take the HOV/HOT lanes (which you are able to take to take if you have 3 or more riders, or pay an armload of money), which means I am able to make the trip home each day in about 1 and 1/2 hours (morning trip are normally slighter quicker). If I were to have to take the regular lanes the commute would be an absolute nightmare!!!

So…here’s how yesterday’s derailment started. My day is going great, I’m having a good day at work. I know when I get home I need to take my two boys to get haircuts as they are looking crazy with their hair. Around 2:00 one of my friends texts me and asks me if I can ride home with him and another friend so that we can have 3 people so he can take HOV lanes home. Sure, not a problem. We do this all the time. In fact we are leaving a few minutes earlier than my van and since I need to get the boys haircuts this actually helps me a little. So what happens? After we leave he discovers he is running out of gas, so he pulls off on Crystal City, then can’t figure out how to get back onto the HOV lanes so we wind up back heading North on 395 towards DC AGAIN – WRONG DIRECTION, then we finally end up going the right direction on 395, however in the regular lanes where there is an accident, where we sit AND sit. How long did it take for me to get home? 2 and ½ hours. Yes, it took me a whole extra hour to get home.

So how did I handle this…I texted my husband, and told him to take the boys to get their haircuts, then met him there and we all went to Taco Bell for dinner afterwards, where I proceeded to eat, not 2, not 3, but FOUR tacos, and then I finished off my sons Cinnebon thingees. And then I totally felt bloated and annoyed with myself afterwards. And of course, no exercise for yesterday. Then I rushed around like a madwoman once I got home trying to get kids homework done and lunches packed for school. Seriously, why did I let a 1 hour difference effect me so bad? It’s only 1 hour…

Stress….I hope today goes better…and I’m definitely sticking to the van today….
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