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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This is what I know now, yes something is wrong with my blood from what the second lab test results show. It came back saying that both my white and red blood cell count is low along with my hemacrit levels in my blood. Well cause of the results I am being referred to a blood specialist. Been doing a lot of thinking because of what the results showed and questioning if any of my prescriptions could be the reason for those levels being so low. Next thing going to do is some personal research and check into this. Having trouble in understanding why my iron level would be low the vitamin I take everyday has 100% of needed iron in it. See why I say that doesn't make sense. Will keep everyone up to date when know more. Thank you all for your prayers and support.
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Ok after did some research on my own found out that two prescriptions can cause the white blood cell count to get low. One is my bipolar medicine and the other is for my anxiety. Going to talk to my doctor about getting myself off the anxiety one. Also going to talk to doctor about getting off the one for chronic migraines that makes my blood pressure so low. Since been with my fianc鿽 haven't really had either anymore. As far as the red blood cell count haven't found a clue at all why that would be lower. Looked at my vitamin bottle and the one I take every day gives 100% of everything. So still confused about that one and the enlargement of my thyroid gland.

Ok here is an update on my condition, yes PA Crites says I do have anemia and need to see a blood specialist cause my blood levels are a little low. Found out also the protein level in my blood is a little high also. She was very surprised when told her nurse told me my thyroid was enlarged she didn't see that in report at all. She did say go ahead and stop the pill for chronic migraines and will ask my psych to wean me off of the anxiety one on Mar 3rd. I also found out the cause of my shoulder and knee pain, I hate being right, yep I got my mom's arthritis. The correct medical term is for it is osteoarthritis and have it in my shoulders and knees. Yuck. So luckily she sent a referral to a physical therapist to help me with that. Don't know if she made a referral to the dietitian though. Told at her office that she will be leaving the office soon so have to find another new doctor this is getting tiring. Did get some surprising good news also, lost more weight, down to 194 as my status says. Surprising though cause of my shoulder, back, and knee pain haven't done that much exercising other than basic housework. Will keep everyone up to date on any changes with my health, hoping pain will get better soon.
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Got call real late last night from rehab place that Dr referred me to and set up 1st appointment. Good thing not a very suspicious person fist appointment is set for March 13th. Hoping to get much needed information there about what I can and can't do with this arthritis.
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Here is an update on how I am learning more about my latest diagnosis, just joined the team Exercising With Osteoarthritis to get more insight on what I got and what others with feel are safe exercises to do with it.
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OK it is 3/20/15 and here is the latest update about what is going on with me. Due to a very painful canker sore had to cancel previous appointment for physical therapy, blood work, and sonogram of spleen. Well Thursday, 3/19 got my blood work done, they took 6 vials from me, dang vampires lol. Today Friday 3/20 had sonogram of my spleen done. Then next Friday will see my hematologist for the first time too find out what is going on with me inside. Also next Tuesday, 3/24 got an appointment with PA Crites and hopefully she will give me something for the pain in my knees and shoulders since told her that over the counter pain medicines not helping anymore and is keeping from sleeping at night. However on 4/6 meeting a new doctor at the Grace Health Center here where I live to find a new primary care doctor who will listen to me better. That is all the information I have at this time will keep you all up to date on what find out these next couple of weeks.
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OK got some news for everyone just finished seeing my hematologist's PA and got the results of my blood labs and sonogram today. She informed me that there was nothing to worry about because even though were low not that low. The sonogram did show that my spleen was a little enlarged so she is watching that. She had me do some more labs today and after looking up the two items they are looking for discovered that she is checking for a vitamin B-12, B-6, and folic acid deficiency. She is also referring me to a rheumatologist since my spleen is a little enlarged. She also had scheduled me for another sonogram, this time of my right hip to see if there is an enlarged lymph node there. In two months got to go back to her for more labs and see if anything has changed. Next thing is to set up my physical therapy appointments. That is all for now will keep you informed. Have to go to my pcp now and see if can get a prescription for my arthritis pain.
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Sorry haven't been faithfully been updating what is going on with me had a lot on my mind. Let me sum this up for everyone so far. When met with my rheumatologist back in November one of my greatest concerns was confirmed. My blood work not being right and the tests he ran showed what was wrong with me, I had SLE, a form of Lupus and even though previous diagnoses showed had it longer than anyone even thought my major organs hadn't been affected yet. It was however affecting my skin making me itch like crazy luckily Benadryl cream helps that when need it. The first med that I was put on Plaquenil caused me itching to become so intolerable that couldn't sleep so DR took me off that and now I am on Methotrexate and so far so good not having any side effects with that. Right before my last appointment with my doctor making me cancel I had a sudden sleepiness and weakness causing me to go see my PCP instead. That was in the beginning of January and my doctor wanted me to have bloodwork done. She tested me for an iron deficiency and Epstein Barr Syndrome (EBS). My primary care doctor's office called saying she needed me to do 2 more labs cause needed more proof to give me a diagnosis. I will take care of that next week.
Please I need your prayers that I just have an iron deficiency and not the latter. EBS is another medical disease that is not curable and need God's help with this. Thank you.
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Well to give you all an update test came back saying that I don't have EBS and at the results showed my iron level wasn't that bad two things I am very grateful about. Last time saw my rheumatologist he was happy to hear that not having any bad side effects with the Methotrexate and increased it to 4 pills once a week and surprising he didn't want to do any blood work at that time. My next appointment with my rheumatologist isn't until March. One thing I don't like about my SLE is that my hair loss is a little worse and makes my osteoarthritis hurt more making it harder to get the exercise I need to do. I have also noticed that sometimes it's a little harder to get up when have to get real low to get something because my knees don't want to bend sometimes. Next time see my PCP will see if she can add something to my prescriptions if she can't increase my Meloxicam dosage. Don't like how my hair looks lately but am having questions if color my hair if it would make the hair loss worse. The breakage of my teeth is getting worse making me not want to smile anymore. Will keep you up to date on my health. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and comments.
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Okay let me give you a rundown on what is going on with me as of today. Before today have dealt with a sty on one of my eyes and after that goes away then have had to deal with impetigo causing a bad sore making it hard to blow or breath out of one side of my nose. Last time went to Urgent Care was put on an antibiotic and ointment to help it heal and go away. It seems that when one goes away the other comes back feel like I can' t can't win for lose. Had a follow up with my PCP Kay Jones in regards to this and she increased my Elavil to 100 mg and make it where I take the Imeprazole to 1 tablet twice a day. Worst of all she told me to stop taking my Ibuprofen and take Tylenol, what she's crazy for even asking me to do that Tylenol does nothing for inflammation and swelling. Had an appointment with my Rheumatologist at 2 pm today and he increased the Methotrexate for a 3rd time now I take 5 at one time but he said if my hair loss gets too bad can go back to 4. Why would my hair loss be my biggest concern when my teeth have gotten so bad that it hurts all the time even enough to wake me in middle of night and have a pink rash on my face that I can't even stand going out unless put this make up I found to cover it up? Hair loss is my least concern just want my life back. He also said that my right knee has some swelling that is what has increased my osteoarthritis in that and said he could give me a steroid shot in it to help it when asked him about a pill instead of the Prednisone then. He asked me why can't take the Prednisone told him it makes me feel sick like a flu he said all steroids will do that to me cause of my other meds so asked him was there one in a lower dose that I could take and his response flabbergasted me. He asked me why when it would cause me to gain weight, what the, he just offered to give me a steroid shot. I will send a message to his office and my PCP to see what she suggests and explain to her want a low dose one in a pill. If get the same response I'll be so confused. Don't they understand that if have something that helps my swelling and pain level then I can do more exercise and won't gain as much weight cause can do more? Some doctors don't make any sense. Well after the appointment had to wait around cause he wanted labs done cause wanted to make sure that the Methotrexate wasn't doing more damage than good. I always like it when Jennifer does my labs cause she doesn't bruise me when she does it. Well that's how my health has been going and I apologize just had to do a little ranting too. Still having trouble making sense of it all and as my previous post said my new counselor isn't helping me either with it. Thank goodness for my friends and teams on here and the My Lupus Team site or would feel all alone dealing with this, my best friend and fiancé try to be supportive but it helps talking to someone who know exactly how I feel and what this does to my self esteem and mood.
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Here is an update on me and my health as of 3/31/2016. Still taking 5 pills of Methotrexate at a time and haven't seen any increased hair loss by doing that. I also haven't felt any difference or seen any difference in my SLE either. Still have that ugly butterfly rash on my face and have to keep makeup on it and because of my teeth breaking and decaying so fast I have really lost my smile. May turn my lips up into a smile but don't want anyone to see my teeth they look so bad now. On 3/21/2016 after bugging my rheumatologist sent me in a prescription for a 10 mg Prednisone and since only take 10 mg of it daily am not feeling any of the reactions I would get when took the blister pack. Haven't taken it very long and am not feeling any difference in my knee pain yet. Am just going to keep taking it and give it more time. I was informed that as long as taking Prednisone to stop taking the Meloxicam. My PCP requested for me to have an appointment for my annual mammogram, it is scheduled for April 25th. She reminded me of the fact have to have it done so I can get refills of Premarin. I notified my PCP that won't be taking Meloxicam as long as doctor has me on Prednisone so she sent me in a prescription for my 600 mg Ibuprofen but of course she didn't give me any refills. Because of the hair loss dealing with am having my fiancé and best friend help me decide on a short hair cut for me hoping that may slow it down some. I am still having trouble finding dental insurance that will cover any major dental work need like the extractions and dentures. Maybe even dental implants. Yes, and am still having real bad pain from my bad teeth and even Orajel and Anbesol doesn't help it. Thank goodness that tomorrow is payday cause I'm going to buy myself a hot water bottle so when pain gets too bad can lay the side of my mouth and jaw on it to relieve the pain. Any one have any suggestions for me? Well that is all have right now.
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    Methotrexate is a cancer drug and will make your blood count go low too. It will also make you very tired too. So watch for that to. I was on it for 7 years before I started having serious problems with it and had to go off. I did lose some of my hair and had to use rogaine and that did work. Now that I am off of it my hair is slowly coming back.
    1848 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15121954
    Hang in there! God does answer prayers!
    2175 days ago
    It is good that you are serious about your health and do research. Women are more susceptible to low red blood count with their menses; some multivitamins do not adequately adjust for this. Hope you can get the level back up.
    2201 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3934996
    Good.. My Iron was very low but my Doctor instructed me to eat more beans like pinto .. They have a lot of iron.. So until go to the topics and ask for a list of items with a high iron count.. I was always tired so that is when they found mine.. and my Calcium was bad shape so I have had to take extra calcium and I think it is leaving off.. I take two shots a week of Embreal so I have no immune system... I have to be careful cause if I get sick I am down for the count... Keep us updated and we will say a Prayer that all will level out for you.. Take care and good going on the weight loss.. In His Love and Grace Just Me emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2203 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15255276
    emoticon I am kind of jumping into your life. Thanks for the update. I am really impressed on how you are doing your own research and advocating for yourself! I can from a family that never did that! I really hope your pain goes away soon! (((HUGS)))
    2203 days ago
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