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I Had a Dream (Too; MLK is Not Alone)

Monday, January 19, 2015

In the spirit of MLK Day, I too had a dream. Last night in fact.

In my dream, Susan and i own a restaurant. Like many restaurant owners, we're living paycheck to paycheck, constantly imperiled by fickle customers, unfair reviews, competition, credit and solvency issues largely beyond our capability to resolve.

One day we learn that a competing restaurant prints free Metro tickets on the backs of their cash register receipts. They are taking business from us, as they heavily promote how a customer can come there for free, from all over the area, by riding the Metro on them. This seems patently unfair, but we are unsuccessful in identifying how they did it, to whom to complain, or how we might be able to act similarly. They apparently "know someone" in a most unethical and anti-competitive way.

I, of course, get quite angry over the unfairness of it all . And then I woke up. And the puzzle over dream analysis commenced. Yes, we dined out Saturday night. Yes, the restaurant was family-owned and crowded. And yes, there seemed to be insiders who got preferential treatment from the wait staff. And yes, the place was near the DC Metro, where we were picking up Thing One from a date.

And yes, we are in the process of responding to an unsolicited offer for the business (not the first time). Don't hold your breath on that one. We're not either. Things that seem too good to be true, are.
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