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Back on the bike

Monday, January 19, 2015

My fitness has really suffered during the past 3 months. My bf moved down to AR from NY to join me and brought a nasty head/chest cold that knocked us both flat until the end of December. I also traveled three times in three months for work. It has been a real struggle to crawl back into activity after all that.

Around Christmas I started by just doing three 5-minute walks around the outside of the building where I work - I set my phone to remind me at 10, noon, and 3pm.

Yesterday we drove out to Cabot and joined some folks for a 15 mile bike ride. I took my trusty old heavy commuter bike, which worked out fine. Harry was using his clip-in shoes/pedals for the very first time, so we arrived early and spent half an hour going around the neighborhood and giving him a chance to practice stopping at intersections without falling over. He did very well.

We were joined by some friends who live there (with whom I'd ridden on the river trail in Little Rock last summer) and rode out at a comfortable pace over rolling hills.

("Run" was the closest option Fitbit offered so I chose that)

It was good to get outside and do something active again. My lungs spent about 2 hours afterward hacking up stuff that had accumulated, and now I think my airways are clear and I'm ready to do some more activity.
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