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Beginning swimming lessons, yep, good idea

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Beginning swimming lessons, yep, good idea

What can I say, lol, I went and thought that because I spend so much time in the water, that the instructors would say that I didn't need to be there, wrong!

Lol, let's see my head was not down in the water right, my legs did not flutter fast enough, my mouth was not shaped right to get the water out and turn fast enough to get the right amount of water into my body, there might have been more, but after the 45 minute class, I was tired. She said to practice, so today I went to the pool and got on the nearby wall and blew my breath and focused on the head in the water and turning to get air out and air in.....After 20 minutes, I was tired. I hurt in the diaphragm area, hip area, and shoulders.

After the first class and before today, my physical therapist said that she still thought that swimming was going to be my best exercise to help loosen my shoulder and then I shared that I was going to a beginning swimming class. Then I mentioned what they told me at the first class. My therapist had been telling me all along that I have been cheating, and I did not understand what she meant. Her comment to me was that the wrong movements that I was doing was the cheating that she was saying. Like, ok, now I understand.

It's a mixed blessing. On one hand, I'm really glad that I've had a V-8 moment, ah-ha! The other blessing is that I need to get the form right before my shoulder won't be enabled to be comfortable and not work!
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