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A Week to Go!

Friday, December 19, 2014

It's officially 8 days away. For all intents and purposes, let's call it a week.

In one week, Mr. T and I will come full circle. I met this guy and loved him when we were 16 years old. Our 7 months together as a couple were filled with youth retreats, making it to 1st base, countless laps of the Greenwood Park Mall, Jr. Prom, alcohol-free board game parties and the occasional hangout with the parents. Even after we "broke up", we were still as close as ever. Not much changed. But, sadly, we lost touch and moved on.

Somehow, by some ridiculous alignment of the heavens, we managed to reconnect after 18 years apart. But this time, we had both experienced an entire lifetime's worth of growth. I don't know how, but we still get along just as fabulously. Even with all our new neuroses and psychological issues and horrible first life baggage. Even with Little Leahs and Little Todds thrown into the mix. And bills (God, more damn bills than anyone can handle) and job changes and stress and grown up responsibilities. We are crazy about each other. Even with grey hair and stretch marks and 100 extra pounds all over. Can't keep our eyes off of each other, can't keep our hands to ourselves. It's like this should have been all along.

In a week, the circle will close on our lifetime apart, and we'll never be apart again. And no one will say it's a "rebound relationship" and anyone who thinks we are all talk will shut it and it will be legit in the eyes of the super conservative and the haters can all go be lonely and hate themselves alone.

Because, in a week, we'll be the happiest people on earth and nothing else will matter. And we will have our very nearest and dearest beside us...and we will eat, drink and be very very merry.

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