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non scale victories

Monday, December 15, 2014

Since I am trying not to focus on the number on the scale so much I am going to try and remember my non scale victories.
~The most important one for me is walking into a Weight Watchers meeting however long ago it was now I can't even remember but without that first meeting I would not be where I am today for sure! I went with a friend of mine who has since stopped going but she also made goal.
~The second biggest one has got to be my doctor taking me off blood pressure medicine! WooHoo!!!! Took my BP Saturday and it was 114/80! still good!
~Noticing I can see my toes past my stomach emoticon
~Asking my doctor why my foot looked swollen and he told me it was muscle! "Really!?!?!? yes. Wow!!!!" :)
~actually seeing my knees
~noticing my calf muscles...my legs are not smooth to shave anymore..oh darn
~I have awesome biceps! Working on the triceps they are not so easy. emoticon
~I can get through an hour long spin class! emoticon
~ I have taken Zumba classes (my knee doesn't let me take them anymore but I do use the one on my Wii every so often)
~I actually spend time at the gym...NEVER in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would be going to a gym and actually liking it, yes I said I liked it) emoticon
~I will go on 2 mile walks just because I can emoticon
~I get out of my chair at work more often just to see the number on my pedometer go up emoticon
~I can actually get in and out of my husbands race truck and I don't feel stuck in the seat! emoticon
~I have more energy!
~I am not bored as much as I used to be...don't know how that is but I have noticed I'm not.
~I can see the dimple in my cheek again, which makes my mom happy lol

I can't think of anything else at the moment but if I do I will update my list. emoticon


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