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Not as good as yesterday, but still pretty good

Monday, December 08, 2014

I'm on a roll! 2 days of mostly good choices, AND exercise! Had a couple yogurts today (1 was more a "dessert" than a yogurt, but it's better on my system than the ice cream I WANTED to eat!), need to remember to get plain Greek yogurt next time, but baby steps, right? I was SO disappointed when I made myself a veggie burger and found that with the bun, I was no better off than if I'd eaten a hot dog! I KNEW I should have eaten it naked, but for some reason the bread called to me. I tried to just have soup for lunch but it was WAY too spicy, so I opted for the veggie burger instead.

Got in quite a bit of veg today - had a tangerine with my yogurt for breakfast; tomato on my burger at lunch; squash and zucchini with onions, and sweet potatoes for dinner. All in all I did pretty good! Working on getting in cup 9 of water.

I DID go to the gym today, and I walked on the treadmill for the whole 47 minutes I normally spend at the gym. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought. I started out on randomizer (love the change up it gives) at 2.7 mph. After 21 minutes, I sped up to 3.0 mph. Only lasted about 10 minutes on 3.0 and had to bump it back down a little to 2.9 mph for the other 11 minutes. I've learned that I have to allot for the cool down. The little sneaker tricked me today, though! Normally cool down is 3 minutes (hence the 42 minutes you see above), but for some reason it was 5 minutes today - go fig!

I got a touch of the hungrys tonight. I don't think it was really so much "hunger" as it was that working out on an empty stomach seems to bring my sugar down. I'm going to have to come up with an alternate plan for Wednesday's workout - maybe bring a piece of fruit with me?

Hope everyone had a great day!
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