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Running For President - At Your and My Expense?

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Suppose an incumbent governor of a state (that shall remain nameless) harbors presidential aspirations. Hypothetically speaking, of course. Suppose the citizenry of that state elected him to govern the state, not to run for President.

Suppose that rather than executing the duties for which he was elected, he travels the country and even the world, extensively, and gives speeches and otherwise campaigns for candidates in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina. Suppose he regularly gives interviews on national news programs on TV.

Given this set of hypothetical circumstances, here is what I wonder:
1. Does the governor earn a salary, paid by the citizens of his state? Does he forgo said salary when campaigning rather than governing? Is being governor part-time or hourly? How is the time accounted, not governing? How about all the state employees who surely travel with him (see below).
2 Does the governor earn vacation time? How much? It is expended when he travels in furtherance of his Presidential aspirations? How about all the state employees who surely travel with him (see below).
3. Who pays for the travel? The airplanes, hotels, limos, meals on the road? Citizens? How about the entourage of aids, advisers and guards who must surely travel with him? Any of them State employees too, carrying out their duties in (say) South Carolina whilst said governor campaigns for candidates there?
As a taxpayer in a state that has a governor with misbegotten presidential aspirations, I've always wondered these things. Anyone know?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This country is in desperate need of campaign finance reform, along with regulatory reform!! AND these reforms should not be made by the politicians, but by normal, everyday citizens. It's disgusting the amount of money spent on campaigns when there are so many more worthwhile and deserving issues that need attention.

    I'm a history teacher and it gets more difficult every year to try and get kids to appreciate the importance of voting, when they see all the waste and nonsense that goes on during the never-ending campaign season emoticon
    2040 days ago
  • MARYANN2323
    Sounds a lot like double dipping, to me.
    2042 days ago
    Only in America. CT isn't much better off. We have two crooks to choose from. We are doomed no matter what. No wonder we are the 4th most expensive state to live in.
    2042 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    At first glance on my announcement list, I thought you were writing about running as in cardio.
    2042 days ago
    They are not suppose to use state employees or time for campaigning but under the guise that they are helping someone else but really promoting themselves they get away with it. We have the longest political campaigns of any country. We not only need to get big money out of campaigns we need to limit the time of campaigns. All primaries should be on the same day so we all have the same choice. Those states that have the latest primaries usually have no voice as the candidate has already been chosen. They should not be allowed to start campaigning until Jan of the year of the election. They should eliminate campaign ads and televise debates that allow citizens to ask direct questions that are not chosen in advance so they can prepare answers. Govenors Senators and representatives should have to live in their state for at least 2 years before allowed to run for office as many transplant themselves just to get into office. there should be an age limit on when you can run for office. No one in their 80's or 90's should be in office. I could go on and on. But as long as big money stays in play the average american will not have a voice.

    2042 days ago
    Ok, well, can't top PICKIE's response, and agree 100%!
    2042 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    It is basically like WALMART: Bank your billions, keep the top spaces in the family, delegate to lackeys who are paid, but wages written off. When yo travel around preying on the ignorance of towns that have not fully educated themselves on the ramifications of the impact of your leeching locals of their tax dollars, dignity and American-made products. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge. Stupidity is making the wrong decision WITH the knowledge!
    Walmart(and politicians) scout areas that will be influenced by shiny, flashy, tell-them-what-they-want-to-hear types of things. Most people are never aware that that company lets locals pay for their business taxes, utility hookups,etc from LOCAL TAX DOLLARS!! It is all negotiated by communities that are mesmerized by what they think will be for their good, so they agree in the end to do anything!! Fact!! Nobody has the nads to step right in that persons' face and demand he produce hard copy of everything, notarized!!

    YES, we pay for it all!! YES!! We are getting our pecans crushed every time they do it!! YES! They will do it until they are forced to NOT do it!!
    Walmart did not become the wealthiest family/corporation by sharing their ill-gotten gains of imported shoddy junk merchandise and factory-closing crap goods from other countries.

    Okay, my rant for the day!!
    If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten!

    Nobody can step on me unless I get down on the ground!
    2042 days ago
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