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The journey is just as important as the goal.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

26.2 miles... You want to know why goals are so great? It's not just the accomplishment itself, it's the journey getting there. Training for my first marathon this fall hasn't been easy, and it's only going to keep getting harder. Yes, crossing the finish line will feel incredible... I can't even begin to fathom how many emotions I'll have going on at once!
Yes, the medal will be well earned and an honor to wear... But this journey has already been full of emotions and accomplishment. The discipline required to MAKE time to train, no matter how hot, how early, how far, how tiring... It's definitely something you have to WANT and ohhhh how I do!!
I have great respect for smaller distance races, and I'm not "knocking" them in anyway shape or form... I will say though that THIS is where it gets serious.

I have literally gotten goosebumps and chills while on a 90+ degree run when I think about the 26.2 mile race that's now only 81 days away! To some that may sound far off, but when you're upping miles every week... It's not far at all.
I imagine the feelings I'll have when we start out...

When bystanders cheer...

When I thank volunteers...

When I see my family along the way...

When the finish line is in sight... Oh man I can't wait!

I wonder if I will be struggling at the end, or if I'll be coming in strong... Regardless I am determined to finish!

Training requires determination...
I thought I was determined, then some friends who planned this same marathon to be their first as well needed to drop to the half. I'm not mad at all(bummed, sure, totally different), life happens and I think their decisions were smart ones. That was when it hit me... That I was kind of on my own, did I want it enough? It's been a difficult year for me emotionally and health wise... Did I WANT it? Could I do this on my own? I would be lying if I said I didn't give it much thought but in the end I wanted it even more then before!

Training requires brains...
Not saying you have to be a genius but you HAVE to be smart! It's not like a 5k/10k where some wait until 2-3 weeks before they end up training. I've been working towards this since last November. I made sure to run as consistently as possible through the winter so that I could jump right into training this year, because again, life happens and you don't want something to come and really set you back.
You have to be mindful of what you eat, you gotta hydrate, wear proper gear, make yourself go to bed early on a Friday night or get up and do it early before church on Sundays, you gotta be smart fueling your long runs... Yes, brains.

Training requires time...
I don't really know what to add to that other than you HAVE to put the time in. I'm out running 4-5+ hours every week.., next month and October it's only going to become crazier!

Training requires support...
I may be the one making my body run but my husband makes the time possible by watching our kids. He understands investing in the proper gear and provides it. He brings the kids out to cheer me on.
My kids love asking how my run went and what I saw, heck they enjoy running and stretching with me but they especially enjoy cheering for me. Having people who ask how training is going, who are excited for you, proud of you... Is huge. As is having other running friends to turn to for guidance.

Training requires passion...
If you don't love to run... I just don't even know why you would bother putting yourself through this, haha!

I am excited about race day but I'm also excited about training!

So set your goals, go after them and enjoy the journey getting there!

Much love,
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