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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I've been gone for a while again... mainly because after years of trying and a miscarriage, then focusing on my health since Oct 2013, I'm finally pregnant! My doctors wanted me to lose weight before even trying (all but my OB), but since I'm 37, they gave me the halfway thumbs up after getting over all that bad stuff (see previous blog posts)! My primary care dr. was like 'I would either recommend gastric bypass and wait 2-3 years to get pregnant, or just do it now if you can't wait' ... okay, looking for a new PCP now!

So... how does this change things. Well, I was doing all right until my morning sickness kicked in and then I stopped going to the gym and my meals have been reduced to little snacks of what I can stand eating. Even letting in some dairy (which I had been really good about avoiding for months and really helped my overall health - my CRP came way down)... but OB says I need the calcium, so it's a mix of contradicting ideas.

I hope the morning sickness will end by the time the 2nd trimester starts, which I've heard from many people this may/should happen, then I can get back to the gym and clean my house, it's such a mess right now!

I'm going to check out SP groups, I'm sure there's a pregnancy one, maybe get some insight there... :)
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