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It's Birthday Month...

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

So August has always been my favorite month because it's birthday month!! Who wouldn't like their birthday month??

Well normally August because the month I allow myself to cheat on diets, do what I want, and act a little more selfishly than I normally would because it's finally my month. I am changing my ways though!!!!

This year I have decided birthday month will of course be about me but in a different way. It's going to be about my needs to get healthy. It's going to be about the people in my life supporting my goals to be a healthier person in all aspects not just weight wise.

I'm passive aggressive most of the year, and I'm going to work hard in August to get to just a wonderful place where it's okay to express myself and be heard. I'm also bad at listening well to others, and this year I'm trying to get better at it.

Health wise:
I'm not awesome at drinking enough fluids. Any fluids. So for one of my August goals, it's to drink 64 oz of water a day. Another is to do some kind of cardio everyday. My last one is to lose at least 2 lbs during my challenge time. I limited it to a small number because I don't want to be discouraged. I'm on a steroid pill that makes me want to eat everything in the house, and it's tough to get past it.

Catch up so far:

August 1st...
The start of birthday month, I went to my physical therapy. They worked me out well. I left sweaty and gross. :) I showered, dressed, and finished my night off with a free comedy show.

August 2nd...
I went to the dentist because my mouth was hurting again. :( Never drink out of a glass bottle and think it's okay to put jolly ranchers inside of them. Jolly ranchers get stuck, you hit the bottle, and your teeth suffer. However, I made sure I wasn't going to have a terrible day. I took a cheat night with pizza and games, and then I went to the hot tub to finish it off. I needed my relax day because my fibromyalgia was acting up.

August 3rd...
I didn't want to do anything. My stomach hurt and my teeth hurt. So, I made a menu plan! I also clipped coupons and went grocery shopping. When I got home, I insisted we eat the planned meal instead of eating out!! :) Total win!! So dinner was one of my favorites (tater topped beef casserole), and I added broccoli to it to make it a little better for me!

August 4th...
I started the day off productive! I took my pills as I was supposed to, did dishes, and started on laundry. My dryer broke. :( So I hung most of the clothes up around the house and gave up on it. I was going to go to the gym... never got around to it. I was completely discouraged and didn't want to deal with anything yesterday. However, I did eat a healthy breakfast and dinner.
Breakfast was a new recipe for me. I did 8 oz of skim milk, 1 packet vanilla carnation instant breakfast powder, and 1/2 cup mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries) for a shake. It was pretty amazing.
Dinner was pan made chicken, corn on the cob, broccoli, and a small amount of mashed potatoes. Pretty amazing! I ate my broccoli first to make sure if I became full I would be leaving the starches instead of the big veggie.
However, I was also hungry yesterday like no other. I ate 2 slices of pizza, a Hershey bar, ice cream, a bowl of cereal, and Oreos as well. It was terrible, and I have to work on not allowing the steroid to control me.

August 5th...
Today! I get to go back to the dentist today!! I'm so excited. I'm praying they can fix the fillings they gave me to the permanent option of either veneers or crowns. Not sure what they have decided on.
To start my day off, I took my medication and ate Papa John's applepie slices. It was a delicious breakfast, and I knew if I went with what I wanted it would be better for the rest of the day. I've already drunk a few cups of water. I also did day 1 & 2 of the bum 30 day challenge and the ab and squat 30 day challenge. I'm combining the two challenges to get through them in a timely manner.

The 30 day bum challenge:

The 30 day ab & squat challenge:

Lunch today is going to be a burrito and carrots. Dinner will be honey grilled pork chops, sweet potato, and broccoli. I'm about to track the calories on all of that to see how it will work out, and what snacks if any I will need as well.

I'm hoping all of this works out well and I can really find myself as August continues! :)
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