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What Do You REALLY Like About Yourself?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Before I found this wonderful marriage I'm in, I spent 11 years as a single mom. The first nine of those years I spent mostly being sad, angry and self-pitying because I was disappointed in myself for the failure of my first marriage. We were simply too young and carrying too much of our own respective baggage to have a successful marriage. I know that now, but I didn't have that understanding during the initial post-divorce years.

Anywayz, after too many years, tears and poor choices, I finally began taking hard looks at myself. I had to actually apologize to the little girl inside myself who I'd left behind. One day I was looking in the mirror, staring into my own eyes. I stared until I could see my five-year-old self. Not only did I apologize for ignoring her for so long, but I promised her that I would always love her and I would never neglect her again.

I became my biggest cheerleader, my best date and a doting parent to myself. Long story short, I turned myself into a worthy catch (THAT took a few years-haha!), met my future husband and have been in this happy marriage for more than ten years now.

Today I have a young adult daughter who is struggling with her own self-esteem issues. I blogged about her making me smile last week. So after another one of our heart-to-heart conversations this past weekend, I challenged her to begin journaling self-love exercises. I told her I will send her journaling prompts a few times a week.

This morning I sent the following first prompt:

1. List your THREE favorite physical features and write why you like each of them.

I know, right?! Makes you think, doesn't it? What exactly do I REALLY like about myself? Do your favorite traits come to mind quickly or do you really have to mull it over?

With my daughter, I don't expect miracles overnight, but I'm determined to help that girl learn how to love herself. We ALL deserve to be adored by our own selves. I don't say that in a conceited way. I mean we should find our child-like heart again. We all started out loving life because we loved ourselves. So why not give our five-year-old selves a chance to shine again?

Wishing everyone a Spark-tastic day and week ahead! emoticon

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