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28 weeks! OH my!

Monday, June 02, 2014

Yes, that's 10 weeks further along, I'm in the 3rd trimester now :O Still is so weird to be pregnant, but things are going well.

It is sooo hard to eat healthy - I just try to make sure I get some freggies in and protein, but a lot of things don't sit well on my stomach so that's a problem. I also have like, zero motivation to really COOK anything, so convenience is big. That said, overall I'm still doing well. I'm managing to run a few times a week, although sometimes that is only a mile - I'm doing a 5K this Saturday! I'm nervous and excited.

And I'm having a ................... GIRL!

Left is 10w 3days, right is 27w 3days - same shirt! :)

17+3 and 27+3

And today - at 28+1

Well 12 + weeks to go! :P hahaha :D
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