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Sunday, April 27, 2014

I tend to judge my success in terms of the scale

But my measure of true success came yesterday. You see, several years ago, I suffered a knee injury. The injury itself can only be fixed by knee replacement and the pain kept me from doing much of anything. Last September, I had finally had enough... I could barely walk, wasn't sleeping, depressed and overeating. I did some research on the internet and found a local personal trainer who specialized in rehab. I started working with the trainer twice a week. I quickly came to realize just how out of shape I was. After sessions I was exhausted and in pain for days in between.

Each session I pushed myself to do as much as I could. Many times I even had to convince myself to go... even though I knew I would feel better after.... I still hated it.

And even though I was down 2 dresses sizes... I still didn't think I had made much progress. Until yesterday.....

Yesterday morning I got up put on my walking shoes and took a walk with my dog. I haven't taken a walk in over 2 years!! Before I knew it, I had walked a mile.

When I left the house I thought to myself lets just see how far we can go. If it's 5 minutes... it's 5 min. Before I knew it I had walked a mile, out in the fresh air, enjoying the beauty of spring. Who could ask for more!!

I am truly blessed to have the resources to have been able to work with a trainer and I am so grateful that she has shown me how much I can do... not what I can't. Recently she told me that she uses me as an example for many clients. She said when I first came to her that she didn't think I was going to stick with it... that progress wasn't going to be fast enough. However, she said... I constantly amaze her, because despite everything I come to sessions and push through it. But of all the amazing things that could have happened to think that just going out for a walk could bring me such joy and pride is truly amazing.

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