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The end of the amazing saga of the crumb cake

Monday, March 24, 2014

IT'S OVER! emoticon emoticon I almost had a 100% victory but I caved last night and gave in to the awful powerful white powdery crumb! So I had a portion emoticon of the cake, a hefty strip and cut it into chunks, and then put the box back into the fridge. It called me during the night to try to get me to come back out to the kitchen and throw it away, but I KNEW THAT WAS THE emoticon trying to lure me back to the scene of the crime and the "piece de resistance. and I am SOOOOOOO WEAK at night. " I refused to fall for the scheme and put the demise of the cake off to the morning. Well, can you believe, the emoticon still tried to tempt me and tell me that I could have just one piece for breakfast?? Well, by this time my housekeeper aide had arrived and before she started her chores, I asked her for her help. She's also a WW so she understood when I handed her the grocery bag with the box of cake in it, and asked her to bury it in the garbage bag as deep as it would go, because I couldn't do it. She did so, bless her heart, and now, THE CAKE IS GONE. Via con dios, aufweiderseine, and adieu! And so ends the amazing saga of the crummy crumb cake, almost my nemesis, but now the victim of the garbage dump. emoticon emoticon
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