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Why Does Family Not Care

Friday, February 28, 2014

I might sound like a big kid so if I do then don't waste your time reading this. My birthday is coming up in 13 days & I don't think I'm going to celebrate it. I love birthday parties & I still do, but if no one cares about you, then no one's going to come to your party. I haven't seen my Mom since Christmas & it broke my heart knowing that my husband & I work so much that we don't get the chance to visit. Anyway, I was talking to my Mom about a party, & she said not to worry about buying anything but the cake, that she would take care of everything else. I talked to her last night & she said that if I want a party that I need to buy everything myself. First of all, one time I did that & no one came to my party so I wasted $32.00 for nothing. Last year I made a tye dyed cake. People was afraid to eat it cause it was different colors. Plus last year, the family wouldn't even talk to me at my own party. My birthday always seems like a disaster. One year I actually threw a party. I bought lunch cakes as prizes. Whoever won (when they was leaving) took the lunch cakes & threw them in my yard. Plus everyone was bored & no one was having fun. I think they all came for free food. This year, no one will be there cause my oldest sister will be expecting me to give her & her husband & kids a ride & I wouldn't want to take a chance in tearing up the van cause her road is bad. My next to the oldest sister had a 6 year old daughter that would have school the next day so she would have to do her homework, eat, take a bath then get ready for bed. My youngest sister (the one that went to the doctor with me) would be too busy getting hi with her husband. And last but not least my Dad would be working. None of them people even call me & I don't think that I should be the one doing all of the calling. I just don't understand. I have no friends (to hang out with or to be able to talk to), & my family doesn't seem to care about me. The only reason I seem to go on is for my husband & my cat (Muffin). My husband said that he will do something special for me for my birthday. Also I created a new team called The New Huntington, WV Team & only one person has joined. So pretty much, that team will be dead in no time. I invited people but no one wants to join. Well going to go now that I've got all of that off my chest.
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    Are we sisters? It seems that I have the same family as you and with my husband's passing last year in Feb it was like I did not exist. At least my children were here for my but my family that is up north don't even call me or even see if I am alive. Even his family don't call me. I am the one that calls and am luck if they call me back. If I am right your birthday is on my late husband's and mine anniversary that was the 13th and then my birthday is the next day the 14th.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2662 days ago
    Happy birthday - you know what they say, you can't CHOOSE your family but you do get to CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS.
    2663 days ago
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know it is a little early, but I wanted to be the FIRST ONE to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I agree with all that the others have posted. Oh, do CELEBRATE your birthday! You can so some place with your husband that you've been wanting to go, or, like it was also suggested you might just want to stay home and celebrate. Whatever you do, do know that you are very 'SPECIAL' and you can have a GREAT time with or without your family members involved. Since your birthday falls on a week day when your family members are tied up with work, children, and school, have you thought about waiting until the weekend to have your party? They might be able to attend on the weekend. However, if that isn't an option, then go out with your husband on your birthday, and have a WONDERFUL time.

    2663 days ago
    Hi Audrey,

    The sad thing about family is you didn't get to choose them. I think you have a wonderful husband who really cares about you and it would be wonderful if the two of you went out and celebrated or even stayed home. That way Muffin could join in. I think Kris had some good ideas also.

    As for your new team....that is very specific and maybe there are no other sparkers from your town but there would be in WV. Maybe go on some of the WV teams and invite folks to join. I'm on one team where there are just 12 of us and it took time to even get that many.

    Hope that you have a nice weekend. There are many people here that care. Sad that we're all far apart.

    hugs...Mary Anne
    2663 days ago
    Your new team is only one or two days old - you NEED to give it time. I created a team and no-one joined for 2-3 months. Put a link to your team at the bottom of your signature, and then whenever you post on the message boards, others WILL click on it to see what it is about. I got a few members joining that way.

    At the end of this month I will be turning 60. I am expecting that I will be 'celebrating' this milestone on my own, too. Unfortunately, my husband died, so he obviously can't be with me. My son is living in Vancouver, working. That is MANY hours in a plane, and work commitments so obviously he can't come over. I don't know what my daughter is doing.

    You know what I would be inclined to do? Have some extra food at home - stuff that won't go off or is freezable - just in case others decide to turn up. Don't worry/stress/sweat the days before, or on your birthday. Allow the day to happen and know that your husband and Muffin are there by your side. Maybe even just the two of you could celebrate - it CAN be more enjoyable ;-)

    BIG hugs,
    2663 days ago
  • BARBIE042
    I have to agree with TRYINGHARD54 to just do something special with your hubby .
    Forget the ones that do that to you , you do not need that drama .
    2663 days ago
    I think the best birthday you should have is
    just celebrate with hubby , and forget about
    everyone else . emoticon Singing
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuu. emoticon
    2663 days ago
    emoticon emoticon We care about you.
    2663 days ago
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