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I did a headstand in yoga last night!!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

I DID A HEADSTAND POSE IN HOT YOGA LAST NIGHT!!!! My major goal right now is to be able to do the handstand, so being able to do the first step in getting there tickles me beyond belief.

From an article I read about this: "Sirsasana (headstand) is one of the most important asanas in yoga. It revitalizes the entire body and stimulates the mind...Headstand provides an opportunity for experimenting safely with the unfamiliar and the fear it creates. Headstand can be scary; it literally turns your world upside down..Time spent upside down everyday, especially in sarvangasana and sirsasana, is one of the best things you could possibly do for yourself. These poses bring health and vitality to the body while calming and soothing the mind and spirit."

Article here: www.sunandmoonstudio.com

This really explains the heady feeling I had and how excited I felt. I went home after practicing at class and practiced several more times at home. My youngest daughter wanted to try one and she was able to do it with a little assistance from me.

I'm really enjoying the challenges of yoga right now. My ultimate goal is to do one on the water.

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