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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Does it ever seem like things are going good and then it all falls apart?? Well, not going to let it this time. I was going to the doctor, started my IV treatments, seemed like things were going well. Then my husband gets a cold and brings it home to me and all hell breaks loose?? What?? Why?? Well, whatever, I got sick too, was in bed for over a week and even ended up w/ pneumonia... but I won't let it bring me down, especially now that I'm starting to feel better! I had another IV treatment yesterday (3 of 12), and I didn't have any kind of reaction, I think I actually felt better afterwards. So, looking forward to feeling better and getting back to the gym and eating good! I went to Whole Foods on the way home yesterday and stocked up on a ton of fruit and veggies, which always make me happy and feel good. I want to get back into some juicing too, I need to search for some new recipes. Any suggestions of good recipes?

I love this one:

- carrot
- apple
- celery
- bell pepper
- kale
- lemon
- ginger

I prefer to use organic and the 'baby' version of items like baby carrots and kale, they seem to be a little sweeter or at least not so bitter.

Cheers! Here's to keeping positive and continuing to move forward, no need to look back! :)
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