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Almost giving up!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hi guys! I just can't seem to do this diet and life journey. I have NO motivation, though you friends are the best anyone could have. I still do portion control, and count my carbs, but for 2 YEARS, I have not lost a pound. Bounce back and forth 186-188.
Nothing seems to be helping. I tracked foods for awhile, and could see I was slightly over in carb intake to lose weight, and I stay low on the protein side. Can't seem to get enough protein, though I eat lean meat, nuts, peanut butter, etc. And I don't even have enough appetite to get real hungry. (I know that's a bad thing to say, for all of you who just look at food, and gain weight) There's a little depression in there, for trying and seeing no change. I am walking now for at least 15 minutes a day. I wear a Fit-Bit 24/7.
I'm getting to the point where I don't care. I can eat like I used to, or eat like on Sparks nutrition, it doesn't make a difference. I even pray to lose weight.
Any body got some ideas? Thanks, Kathy
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    "Almost" is the operative word in your post.

    It's good that you can vent like this to your friends on Spark. Are you able to vent like this in prayer too? I don't mean in an angry way, but in the sad and frustrated way that you have here.

    "What am I doing wrong? Is it my goals or my attitude or my motives or my actions, or my expectations or what?"

    One prayer God has always answered swiftly and clearly for me, when I have prayed it with a sincere will: "God, show me the REALITY of this situation and then help me do the right thing."

    That's a tough prayer to pray in all sincerity because sometimes the answer shows me that I have been very wrong about something and then I have to make some painful changes. But sometimes the answer is more affirmative than I expected: "You are on the right track...now here's what you need to do next."

    Blessings on you.
    2095 days ago
    I'd recommend going back to step 1 of Spark People with Fast Breaks. Truly...step one and follow their suggestions. They've helped millions of people by using their system...not just cherry picking the parts we like. By starting with small, easy goals which you CAN do, you build momentum and encouragement. And you may need to refresh on nutrition facts, portion distortion, re-learn that your heart rate has to be above a certain level to burn calories. You don't have to exercise "for hours" but you have to make your heart work! And we don't have to give up food forever and ever. We have to treat those special foods as just that: SPECIAL...a treat...not an everyday occurence.

    I think reading "The Spark" is a great tool...to understand how this process works and why it's important to Follow the Procedure...or you're right...it won't work.

    Stay with us...we understand (believe me...I'm having to re-learn some baiscs) and you'll be sooo glad you did. It will truly change your life. Don't give up on yourself! emoticon
    2131 days ago
    Don't give up! Can you walk longer than 15 minutes? Most people need to do about 30 minutes a day minimum. I agree that 2 pounds is not bad at all. I have gained 15 in the last four years, so I am trying to get that much off now. Stick to it!
    2132 days ago
    I go through this all the time. No kidding. While seeing no changes, at least you are keeping your body healthier. As to motivation, it peaks and valleys for me when it comes to this lifestyle change. But honestly, keep on keeping on, even if just baby steps. One of these days you will surprise yourself.
    2132 days ago
    2132 days ago
  • PLIDC1
    I have been having a similar struggle.
    I have been asking myself, "How do I want to eat and exercise for the rest of my life?"

    Do I want to give up entire food groups forever?
    Do I want to count calories till I die?
    Do I want to work out for 3 hours everyday into my old age?
    Am I going to diet hop till they bury me?

    Well, I have to answer "no" to all of the above--especially without seeing results.

    But I, too, pray to be healthy (and cute).

    How can I do it? How can we do it?

    I have decided that I must do what is right, and I cannot do more.

    I am going to eat foods that fuel my body, eat mindfully and adjust my nutrition when I learn that what I am doing could be better.
    I am going to become more and more active physically, doing aerobic exercise, weight training and doing things I enjoy.
    I am going to get enough sleep.

    Whatever my size, I am going to be my happiest, prettiest, most gracious self.

    But let's stick together and encourage one another, too, OK?
    2132 days ago
    I second what he said! Please don't give up! Staying within one to two pounds for two years is a great accomplishment!!

    Try changing things up and doing some different exercises and different foods.

    But I'm going to suggest something else, too. Have you seen your family doctor lately? there very well could be a medical reason that you're not losing weight. So you might want to give that a try.

    Good luck!
    2132 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    I think you are doing right things, and staying within 2 pounds for two years is better than I can say that I have done the last 10 years! But maybe you need to change things around every other month or that. Change your exercise, and change your diet somewhat. I believe my body gets used to the same things and if I don't change things up, I hit plateaus, and I use moments like these to give up. But don't do that, you deserve better for yourself. Hope this helps, I am no expert by any means, but these are some things I have had to do. I find that even changing my routes for walking helps, as I am more enthused when I do that and have other things to look at. While watching television, my wife used to get mad because I will go behind the couch and watch while walking in place. I wish I had a exercise bike so I could ride the bike while watching tv, so I have to improvise. Good Luck, but don't give up!
    2132 days ago
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