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Riding horses in Chile

Monday, February 03, 2014

Uploading photos at this hostel is ridiculous. I spent 30 minutes on the first attempt and it got to 97% before dropping the connection, forcing me to start over from scratch. (I've already cropped and shrunk the photo to make it as small as reasonable.)

Anyway, we spent the morning on a 5 mile horse ride in this valley near Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. It was really great, and I enjoyed the horse I had - named "Parajito." He was responsive, if a bit energetic. Much nicer than the standard tired rental horse you get in the US that acts as if it is tied to the horse in front.

I expect this may be because in Patagonia so many people ride as a common mode of transportation. Horses are a grass-powered all-terrain-vehicle.

Fortunately they also found nice calm horses for my friends who have less experience. I think they had fun too, but I think Suan still prefers windsurfing, and Axel probably prefers hiking on his own two feet. LOL

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