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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This is a follow up post to my previous blog post on 1/9/14 (http://www.sparkpeople.com/my

So, more exciting news (not!) from yesterday's doctor's visit. She tested for a few more things and re-ran some of the other tests as well to re-check some levels.

Good news: some of the red blood cell levels came back up into the normal range, but she thinks I'm still slightly anemic due to low iron saturation. It probably looked worse before because of the miscarriage.

Bad news: the WBC was still really high and she thinks there are both viral and bacterial infections (b/c of the type of WBC that were so high - lymphocytes and neutrophils) and she tested further into the inflammation issue (specifically rheumatoid arthritis) and even though the level was high, she doesn't think I have that specific autoimmune disease, but my Antinuclear Antibodies level was quite high, so she mentioned Lupus, but we are testing further to verify. I don't typically have joint pain, even with working out at the gym, and I don't have a lot of the symptoms listed for either RA or Lupus. Either way, autoimmune disease is bad because it means my own immune system is attacking healthy tissue and is not strong enough to fight the viruses/infections I have, it's weak and compromised!

To get my immune system back to normal, she wants me to do a regimen of IV infusion sessions (high doses of vitamins), Ondamed® energy therapy treatments and transfer factor therapy (pills) over the next 8-12 weeks. She says I have an amazing constitution to be able to handle having all of this and still have the energy to go to the gym and not have joint pain, but I'm also 36, she said if I was 45, it may be very different.

Along with the treatments, she wants me to start on an autoimmune diet ASAP. She said that's how she eats -- only veggies, fruit and beans. You should have seen my face --- what???

I *JUST* had this amazing breakthrough, realization, light bulb moment last week and decided to change my diet to a clean eating plan and now we're going to restrict it EVEN MORE????? Because I was in quite a shocked state, I blurted out that I just bought a ton of chicken and I didn't know if I could do it, blah blah blah...

She told me to get a book and at least try it for 30 days and see if I feel better. I've searched online for autoimmune diet books/cookbooks and they all seem to be tied to the paleo diet which is obviously not vegan and does NOT allow you to eat beans. So, now I'm confused. But since I told her that would be too drastic of a change right away, maybe I should start in that direction with one of these books:

1. http://www.amazon.com/Against-
2. http://www.amazon.com/Practica
3. http://www.amazon.com/My-Kitch

They're #1, 2 and 3 highest rated books on amazon using the keywords autoimmune diet. I'll keep reading the reviews and see which one looks like the best to buy. I checked my library's database and they have the 1st book, but it's checked out and on-hold as soon as it returns!

Wow... overwhelming! I went from super happy, gonna-be-clean-eating-girl back into an almost depressed-slump of a girl.

But if anyone has advice on this style of eating or has an autoimmune disease/disorder or been through something similar, please do share... does it get easier??

I feel like I've given it my 100% all ... where can I find the strength to give more?

Trying to stay positive... until next time... emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you for your responses TATTER3 and JMARISK. I've been put on Armour (30mg), but not sure if it's the right dosage yet, I'm getting more blood work done on Monday to see how if take Armour for a month has changed my numbers at all. Yes, I think I will stick with what I can handle right now and slowly cut things out I know that affect me. I'm pretty intuitive with that stuff, our bodies know which food it wants! When I eat a lot of fruit and veggies my body craves them and I want more and more. I know the grains and cheese affect me. I've gone gluten-free but I was still eating rice and quinoa, but I may have to cut that out as well. And cheese is going to be the hardest for me to cut, but if I need to do it to feel good (and get pregnant again), then I'll do it. I have a great window of time to try it all out, since I'm not supposed to TTC again until April...

    Right now it doesn't seem like much of anything gives me energy, but I also am anemic and have a virus, so it's all wearing on me. Maybe apples, I love apples, really crunchy ones. I have developed a strange craving for olives though... it's almost scary, I want to eat the whole can... I'm having trouble with portion control, but only with olives, I'm worried it may have more fat than I need, but not sure how that affects things.

    I think cool weather peps me up too, as long as I'm not stuck inside working. I'm trying to get some work done today so I can get back to the gym tomorrow and swim!

    Thanks again for your feedback!
    2554 days ago
    I have Hashimoto Disease. My immune system thinks that my thyroid is a foreign object and is attacking it. I'm on synthroid to help regulate my body chemistry. It is an autoimmune disorder, too, but from what I've read about it you don't need to cut our meat. In fact, most of what I've read has said to eat less carbs and eat lean meat like chicken and turkey. Maybe your doctor is a vegitarian and is trying to convert you. I've never heard of a doctor telling someone to cut meat out of their diet. Meat is a good source of iron too, which accordin gto your doctor you lack, so again I'm confused.

    It sounds like you're doing your own research on the subject. Keep up with that and find what works for you; what gives you the most energy?

    Good luck!
    2554 days ago
    I agree with K...from time to time I will get a response that will just blow my socks off and motivate me for days. Your doctor provides advice and guidance but you know your body. I work in a clinic and we have suggested things to patients and found out later that they have an unlisted allergy or lifestyle habit that interferes with what we thought was right. My doctor is vegetarian and is a great source of info for me. I agree with some things and others I just let go. Keep researching, keep thinking and day by day pay attention to how your body reacts to different events and foods. In time you will balance...but it really is one day at a time. keep Sparkin'!!!
    2561 days ago
    Thank you for your comment K!! I feel like I have to get all of that stuff out of my head before i forget it and to stop over-analyzing it! Having both ADD & OCD, I drive myself crazy with thoughts! Good, then I will definitely take it slow and buy one of those 3 books, probably the cookbook one since there a lot of clean eating recipes in it. Thank you so much for your continued motivation & friendship!! emoticon
    2562 days ago
    emoticon What in the world....I think it's amazing that you're using the blog as a journal essentially. It's a great way to fight that depression and get what you're feeling out into the open. Re-reading the way you feel actually helps you sort through the emotions. It's okay to feel down, this is a lot of news in a short amount of time, but Autoimmune issues or not, one day at a time. Especially with A.I. Challenges, you don't want to shock the body by overhauling what it's used to all at once. Your doctor may have suggested the veggies fruit and beans combo because they are staples of the vegetarian diet and their compositions allow them to provide nutrients that your body is missing from animal proteins. However, autoimmune issues are made worse when certain high protein/amino acid complexes are introduced to the body. So do your own research, just like you are right now. Doctors are there for a purpose, but we are in charge of our health. Do what feels good for your body..listen to your body and go from there. I love you spark friend, stay encouraged! emoticon
    2562 days ago
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