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One week of healthy choices, accomplished!

Monday, January 06, 2014

Good day all!

It's been one week of making healthy choices for me!

Changes? Well, my scale says I've lost 3 plus pounds, I have more energy, my stomach isn't as bloated and I'm feeling more balanced...

I have been Sparking more, reading articles and blogs. Have any of you read "Drop 10 Diet" by Lucy Danzinger of Self Magazine? I checked it out from my library and am enjoying many of the meal ideas and recipes. She writes about super foods, ones that nourish well and can aid in disease fighting and weight loss. I already eat and love many of the 30 foods on the Super Food list, so it's been easy for me to try some of the meals. I feel very full, and satisfied. I haven't had big sugar cravings either, which is amazing one week into an eating shift! The diet allows for treats, but in limited amounts...I've had chocolate and wine, but not every day.

I know I have more weight to lose, and I know I can lose it. I have lost weight before (some of you will remember!), but I'm more concerned with being balanced in my eating, forever. In the past I've lost weight while dieting. Once the scale reached the magic number, back to sloppy eating. I thought I had learned my lesson when I lost weight with Spark a couple of years ago...but looking at my weight over time shows a steady increase in weight until one week ago. I thought I was having healthy meals, but still had horrible cravings and binges!

I want this to be the last time I lose weight. So, what am I doing to meet that goal?

1. Made a goal board on my Spark Start page. Reviewing it daily!! I love some of the quotes and pictures!

2. Planning my meals, tracking before I eat. Eating real food, avoiding more processed foods with extra sugar and sodium, so that means lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats. Drinking enough water to stay well-hydrated.

3. Exercising daily. This one is a no-brainer for me because exercise has been a habit for so long! My challenge is to listen to my body, and not try to use exercise to "burn off" an indulgence.

4. Spark. I need support for the long haul. My family has heard me talk the talk, and seen me fail. They support me, but know from experience that I can let illness, upsets and boredom send me into overindulgence.

5. Just do the right stuff, even when I don't feel like doing the right stuff! We all do things that aren't really fun, but are good for us. I keep reminding myself that eating for good health is just one of those things I need to make a daily habit. I learned to floss and take off make up before bed, I can learn to eat well. I may not always see the difference these habits make, but if I stopped them...Eating poorly is the same.

So, that's the plan. What's yours? emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Way to go Sheri!!!! Excellent on the 3 lb. loss!!!! WooHoo!!!! Sounds like an excellent plan and one that will last a lifetime instead of the life of a diet! Good for you! I'll work on my plan and put it into play REAL soon! Thanks for the push!

    emoticon emoticon
    2454 days ago
    Still working on my plan... Have joined Spark people Biggest Loser again and we will soon kick off. I remember your weight loss and healthy living. You go girl, you can do it!
    2455 days ago
    2455 days ago
    Loving your list!
    I haven't made an actual goal list yet as I've been in the middle of a mind-set change that I believe to will show results by the end of this year. Growth. Like you, Sparking is a pillar of my new life and provides the support I need when I can't find it anywhere else.
    ~ Teresa
    2455 days ago
    I'm in the same boat as you. Making similar changes. Mostly adding healthy foods which decreases desire for junk. I am not doing so well with the motivation to exercise. I'm trying to balance these two ideas: firmness with myself and self-compassion.

    2456 days ago
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