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Making healthy changes shouldn't feel like a punishment!

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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Making healthy changes shouldn't feel like a punishment!

This blog is stemmed from a conversation I over heard at the gym today. There were a couple newbies there asking for weight loss advice. Of course I listened because I love hearing what others suggest and maybe learning something I haven't already learned on this journey. What I heard didn't set well with me though....let me be clear I'm not saying it was right or wrong information I am not a nutritionist this is all my own personal opinion. These girls were being told everything they shouldn't have....among the list was dairy products. I'm thinking really??? because I eat yogurt at least twice a day. The fact no or low dairy was mentioned did not bother me. What it was, was all the you can't have this, or shouldn't eat this or that etc, etc. One girl said she had cut out all this stuff and lost 30lbs in the first month. I was thinking that's great...but what happens when you start eating it again? I just feel like telling people not to eat this, that, and the other may make them successful short term but what about for the long haul? And eating so strictly eliminating so many things you like I can't imagine feels good....I'm sure it feels like a punishment and I can say that because I know I have been there. I have tried diets eliminating things and have lost weight but felt like I was missing out on stuff and essentially being punished rather than seeing it as doing something good for me and before I knew it I could only handle that deprived feeling for so long I would then over endulge in the thing I had cut out of my eating and the weight came back plus some(this happened on more than one occasion). So what I'm encouraging you to do is to learn to eat what you love in moderation and learn how to make some of your favorite not so healthy meals a little healthier. This way you aren't feeling deprived and like you can't have something or like you are being punished. Measure out the portion size and have it and put the rest away. If you know its something you will not have portion control with then in that case don't put yourself in a situation that you have to test your will power just have it when you have someone supportive there to help hold you accountable to not over do it. I went through a phase that I didn't go to certain restaurants because I knew I would overeat when I went. It was a process but I have gotten to the point that no restaurant is off limits and I'm in control with Gods help not the food....I wont let food have that power over me again! I enjoy the food I eat I don't feel like I'm being punished. With each healthy choice I make I'm actually rewarding myself and it feels good which is why I am confident knowing these changes will last a life time. So please don't fall for the gimmicks of losing 10lbs in a week or any of that. Try portion control and moving more. Make small changes you can live with and once you adapt to those add more. The weight may come off slowly and the journey might be long but baby steps are still steps and will get you far...every little thing you do adds up! Try the 80/20 rule of eating healthy choices 80% of the time and have your splurges the other 20%.

Temporary changes = temporary results

Changes you can keep life long=life long results

I'm not saying it will be easy! Its hard, but its not a punishment! You are worth the work! God has bigger plans for you than you do for yourself! He's given you the strength you need to do it you just have to believe in yourself and know you are worth it!

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fight the old, but on building the new"-socrates
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