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My weight and BLC update....

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm so glad the year is almost over...since Feb I've gained about 14 lbs.

At the end of BLC 22, I pretty much maintained what I gained. BLC 23 has been a bad roller coaster ride from the beginning for me. I started at 155.8 lbs in September and just couldn't stay focused. If I lost 1/2 lb one week, I'd fall off the wagon and gain 1 lbs the next week. I couldn't get exercise or eating right for more than a few days at a time.

As of last week I was at 159.6 lbs!! Enough was enough and I'm trying something new I'm going to share to help keep me accountable.

I made myself a behavior chart like the ones you use for kids with all of the things I wanted to accomplish on a daily basis. I made them for my 2 kids as well since we all needed to work on a few things. It's been 2 weeks now, the first week I had it in a folder and pretty much forgot about it. This 2nd week I taped it behind my bedroom door so I would see it every day! It's simple and working great so far.

Today I weighed in at 156.6 lbs...3 lbs less than last week!! I'm going to end this round with a loss!

My goal is to get all smiley faces for the week, but I know life happens or the sugar monster attacks so if I get more than 5 sad faces, no reward for me.

I took this pic yesterday morning so it's not updated as of today..so far I only have 1 sad face.

emoticon !

I'm sooooo grateful for all the support I get from my awesome Ninja buddies!! Thank you all!
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