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Kick and Clap, Everybody! Kick and Clap!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DH has suggested that perhaps my expectations of "trainer behaviour" are based on the fact that my old trainer was a young guy, and my new trainer is a young girl.

DH and I had the same personal trainer (PT) formerly, but PT treated me with a deference that, apparently, he did not show to DH -- and that was fine. Guys leave other guys to their own devices. Perhaps it's the same with the new trainer. She and I are the same height, and I am strong, so she's leaving me to look after myself.


I have real physical difficulties that require a certain amount of help, even though (and this is sometimes the bane of my existence) the thing that causes my difficulties is not visible.

What really makes me sad is that my balance seems to be getting worse right now.* (At the end of the day I can't even rely on myself to be able to bend over and pick up laundry without falling forward. Aargh! So frustrating!)

Sometimes in Step class I can't even do the stretches that finish the class because they require me to change my stance away from having two feet solidly on the ground, while bending at the waist. And during class I can't do spins or backward steps or anything with a hop or bounce.

I muddle through. Instead of a regular step bench, I use the flat step that is only 2" off the ground.

So, whereas the regular step bench looks like this:

The one I use is only the top part of this bench placed flat on the ground:

Also, I face forward 90 percent of the time. (I don't "do" backwards on the bench. Period.)

I watch my feet a lot.

Still there are times when I will attempt to do something fancy in class -- maybe the instructor is demonstrating a complex pattern in half time so I figure I should give it a try -- and I will get dizzy or my left foot will lag, leaving me in danger of stumbling or even falling, and I will want to cry. Right there on the spot.

Luckily there is no time for tears in Step and you have to shake it off and keep moving.

I always keep moving. "Kick and clap, corner to corner" is the default move, or "basic right" (up-up, down-down), or "march it out". There are lots of ways to keep moving. (I even march while I'm drinking water, if I feel the need for hydration during class.)

Yeah, it's a small thing, but that's all I got right now.

* I just read something about "proprioception" (which incorporates the sense of balance) being affected temporarily by overdoses of vitamin B6. Hmm. Considering that I have been taking extra B vitamins for some time, perhaps this is complicating my existing balance issues. I need to do more reading on this.
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    I am more concerned about your balance issues. You could have inner ear problems. When I first got divorced twenty years ago. I got where was staggering around like Cooter Brown. If I stood up to quickly, or just walking a nd then, whoops there I would go. Check that with a Dr. If your can. You are so inspirational. Hugs Cathy
    2766 days ago
    Have you shared this with your new trainer? Maybe that would help her to become a better trainer where you are concerned and maybe it would make things less awkward. Oh, and you are definitely strong! In more than one way. In spite of everything that is happening with your body, you continue to show up and that makes you superwoman in my book! You are an inspiration - you truly are!!! emoticon
    2766 days ago
    At least you can do something! And it sounds like it might be worth a try to cut out those B6 vitamins.
    2766 days ago
    Well, it sounds like you have the right approach with continuing to move during class. However, if you feel like your personal trainer (or the previous one) is not providing the service you are paying for, perhaps you need to contact the management staff at your facility. Especially if you are having balance issues. I suffer with that myself from time to time, but it normally isn't so bad. Wishing you well in your journey!
    2767 days ago
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