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When Up is Down

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yesterday's official weigh-in was not happy-making. I went up 0.8 of a pound. Here's why:

I didn't track my food last week and I ate things absent mindedly.
I haven't gone to the bathroom for 3 days.
I'm wearing my fall clothes now, which are heavier than my summer clothes.

I was prepared, I knew it was coming. But I still felt crappy afterwards. Even though I know it's all about the long haul, my short-term self was pissed and wanted to say "Screw this!"

I had a workout planned after work. My husband usually joins me and he baled. I DIDN'T want to go. I got myself on the bus to the gym and, when I got there, wanted to grab the bus that took me straight home. Instead, went to Starbucks where I read for an hour over green tea and a piece of lemon-poppyseed loaf. Not great, but not horrible. Then I self-talked my way over to the gym. It went something like this:

"So, just go and get changed."
"I don't want to."
"Just go...just do 15 minutes and then you can head home. I promise."
"I don't want to. I'm tired. My shoulder hurts too much."
"Well, you could use the hot tub for your shoulder after those 15 minutes."
"I hate hot tubs!" (This is true...can't stand them)
"Just 15 minutes....that way you can go home with wet hair and you'll be the one that did your workout today!"
"Okay." muttered sullenly.

I think a big chunk of this conversation was said outloud! The people next to me probably thought I was crazy.

Anyway, that got me to the gym, the 15 minutes turned into 40, I felt much better at the end of it all, and I stopped by the pharmacy to buy a heat bag for my shoulder - something I'd been delaying for a week, for some weird reason...I got home, my honey had cooked dinner, albeit it with THREE starch portions. But, thanks to my workout and the piece of lemon loat, a deliberate treat instead of unconscious eating, I stayed conscious of my day's caloric allowance and ate within it.

So my up and down day ended on a good UP!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This made me LOL-I have had similar conversations with my inner 2 year old. Isn't it great when the positive persistent parent wins those conversations. Gosh, you really feel proud of yourself-as you should-well done!!
    2840 days ago
    You are SOOOOOO awesome!
    2840 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13400369
    That inner voice is sometimes so strong! My husband is pretty good at helping me overcoming that voice.

    2843 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14171862
    So glad to hear that it ended on an UP note

    2843 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    Oh, the conversations we have with ourselves and those moments when we realize we were talking out loud emoticon The important part is that you encouraged your self to workout and exceeded the bargain you made with yourself. On top of that you stayed within calorie range emoticon

    emoticon emoticon

    2843 days ago
    So glad you managed to overcome that inner voice and just go to the gym. I know it made a huge difference for you, not only to feel better for the moment, but to prove to yourself that you are stronger than the negative voice in you.

    Regarding the weight: 0.8 lb is not enough to worry about, especially if you havent gone to the bathroom in 3 days!! It is not an accurate reflection if it's not done the same way every time.

    My personal way is: first thing in the morning right after getting out of bed: use the bathroom to make sure I'm as empty as possible (not always possible, but you get the gist), then I take off my pajama and get on the scale. So I never weigh myself with clothes -- they simply skew the measurement (clothes weigh a lot) and different things weigh different amounts.

    So keep it consistent and don't sweat the small stuff emoticon emoticon
    2843 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13370898
    Good job yesterday! It's great that you talked yourself into working out. That's no small feat! It's SO frustrating when the scale goes up, so woo hoo for not letting that ruin your day and make you eat God knows what!

    Hope you're having a good Wednesday!

    2843 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7978809
    Good for you! It's so easy to fall back in our old ways. Sometime, it just takes once and THAT is the start of a big slide. I know, I did it! Just couldn't find my way back for almost 2 years and gained most of the weight back. So, kudo for doing it anyway!
    2844 days ago
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