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Fluke or Trend?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ever since I kind of just *stopped* losing weight in May, after a year of steady weight loss, I've still been following the Spark plan.

That is, I weigh myself daily, I track my food and exercise daily, I make a conscious effort to eat those things that I deem are within the bounds of my lifestyle, and to avoid those things that are not. (Thus, no "good" or "bad" foods in and of themselves. I just make choices. And I record my choices faithfully, to the best of my ability.)

I don't find this onerous.

I find it absolutely necessary.

So anyway, what I am doing is maintaining, and I have been for about three months or so. (Seems like such a short time -- but it's a whole summer, so it's not insignificant.)

But I'm not calling it Maintenance. I'm not calling it anything. I'm just doing it.

For much of the summer, I was in the 143-144 range. If I ever see 145 on the scale again, I don't know what I will do, but so far it hasn't happened and I am grateful to myself and my hard work for that. (I don't think I take time to acknowledge this enough. I accomplished this weight loss for myself. Yes, I had support, but no one did it for me. No one slapped food out of my mouth. No one chained me to the treadmill. I DID this!)

Now I finally find myself at a weight I can comfortably call 141.

For a couple of days in a row.

And I start to wonder, because I am me, what did I do differently? Can I repeat this? Can I continue this? Is it a trend? Can I actually lose that last few pounds after all?

Or, is it just a fluke?

So, if I AM doing things differently, what am I doing that's different?

More salads. Less Starbucks.

Could it really be that simple?

I doubt it. But nevertheless. I hope it's a slow downward trend after all and not just a fluke.

I just noticed it is September 11, something I was not keeping track of. I will simply acknowledge it here privately as the third anniversary of losing my beloved mother-in-law, and commemorate it here publicly as a day of horror in 2001 that changed the world forever.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    How sad. I am so proud of you. About the younger husband, you go girl. About the weight, you rock it. My best weight was 128-135# in high school. Of course I thought I was fat. I looked at a picture try he other day. I was so little. I don't think I'll ever be that small again, but you sure do inspire me.
    2767 days ago
    What age is considered adult? I was a healthy 107 pounds at age 18, and stayed under 120 pounds for most of my early 20s. It was getting an office job that caused me to put on weight over time, and pregnancy pushed me into plus sizes at age 30, and I stayed there until about this time last year.

    At 141 by normal BMI standards I am 10 pounds overweight for a 5' 2" woman. Highest healthy BMI for a 5' 2" woman is around 131 pounds (!). I originally wanted to get down to 125 pounds. Along the way, I figured out that I could never get that low, especially with the amount of muscle I am carrying. So I went with 135 as my goal weight.

    Using a BMI for athletic women (I don't think I am athletic, but my muscle mass would probably count as an athletic build) I am already at a healthy BMI. That is the only reason I am able to be satisfied with what I have accomplished.

    2770 days ago
    Some years ago when I was dieting and exercising properly, I lost a significant amount of weight and went from a size 26 to about a 14. There were long stretches in there where the scale wouldn't budge, but I knew I was continuing to lose because my clothes kept getting baggier. Someone told me at the time, "pound for pound, inch for inch - in the end, the numbers will match." In other words, if you lose 80 lbs, you will also lose 80 inches when you reach your goal. Have you found that to be the case? Have you measured yourself along the way or only used the scale? As I read your blog, I couldn't help but think that you were likely losing inches during the months you weren't losing pounds. I don't even for a second think that this recent loss is a fluke! Rather, I think it's the result of your continuing to do the right thing where your body is concerned! Huge congrats! I'm just so very happy for you. I do have a question, though. One I'm a little hesitant to ask because I fear it will send a wrong message. Please don't take it the wrong way, ok? I'm asking out of alot of curiosity and a little concern. Ok? Ok. Here it is. . . why do you want to weigh 135 lbs? Have you ever in your adult life weighed so little? Just how important is that number to you? What if you don't make 135? Will that or could that de-rail you in any way? Clearly, you are a very smart woman. So I know you know that your body has a natural weight. A weight that you are healthy at and can maintain with just a little effort on your part. Have you stopped to consider that perhaps you are there? 141 IS a healthy weight. 141 looks absolutely wonderful on you! You workout - so your muscles are toned. There is a huge difference between an untoned body that weighs 135 and a toned body that weighs 141. Pictures are very telling and I have seen the difference. Trust me! 141 toned looks so much healthier AND smaller than 135 untoned looks. Numbers can be deceiving. That's all. And if you feel healthy and strong maybe its time to say. . . "I have arrived!" . . . and accept that your body is perfect just as it is. Thoughts?
    2770 days ago
  • LEWILL1982
    Congratulations! I think it's a trend. Didn't you get back to step arobics in the gym recently? Might have something to do with it.
    2770 days ago
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    2771 days ago
    Only time will tell. 141 is a good solid number. Congratulations!
    2771 days ago
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    2771 days ago
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