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Where were you?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On 9/11/01 I was at work. I work on the 24th floor of the tallest office building just outside of Washington, DC. I work about 8 miles south of the Pentagon, but I can just see it in the distance from the office windows on one side of our building.

We were working, but going back & forth between our desks & the conference room to watch the footage of the Twin Towers on TV.

At one point, I was sitting at my desk working when a very low-flying plane flew so close to our building that the whole building shook. It was scary! The plane could have easily hit us. Even with what was going on in New York, none of us quite put 2 & 2 together.

Not long after, the judges I work with began streaming out of their meeting where they had the news playing softly in the background. They said that the Pentagon had been hit by a plane -- the plane that has "buzzed" our building. We looked out the window. We could see a huge fireball & huge plumes of thick black smoke rising from the Pentagon. We would see this black smoke rising for days & days to come.

We were told to go home. It took us nearly an hour to round up our carpool so we could leave. One of our carpool folks was in a meeting in a vault & hadn't heard the news -- her husband worked at the Pentagon (thankfully, he was ok).

Cell phone service was non-existent. I had to wait until I got home to contact my family. It was a very sad, emotional & scary day.

To this day, many of our employees will not work on 9/11 & we get a little nervous when a plane or helicopter flies close to our building. The scars are still there.

So, where were you?

Blessings to you!! emoticon emoticon
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  • BRADMILL2922
    I was in a class at the University of Louisville. I will never forget that or anything surrounding that day.
    2356 days ago
    I heard it on the radio then turned the TV on and saw what was happening. I immediately started praying for the people there.
    2356 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8574152
    emoticon ...
    2356 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5545290
    I was on the telephone with my sister--we shared the tragedy. I don't feel the way everyone feels.
    2356 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/11/2013 8:10:09 PM
    When the first plane hit, DH heard about it on the radio and called me. I immediately put the TV on and watched as events unfolded... Those pictures will forever be burned in my mind. The second plane hitting...the buildings collapsing...the people covered head to toe in heavy soot and dust...the news from the Pentagon...and then hearing about the brave souls who gave their lives to save others when they figured their plane was headed to the White House or Capitol.

    The mangled Fire Engines. Our first responders doing their jobs with no thought of their own safety.

    All the people posting pictures of their loved ones. Searching in vain...

    Then cheering with others as those who survived were found in that huge pile of rubble...

    I visited ground zero the next May, and my heart broke once again. How can people be so cruel.

    2356 days ago
    So many stories from that day...thank you for sharing yours.
    2356 days ago
  • no profile photo BAMAJAM
    Thank you for your story, and for this tribute to victims and to heroes. It is still hard to believe that such a horror could happen ---
    I was caring for small children at a military installation day-care. With news of this attack, the parents of the children came running to pick up their sons and daughters as quickly as possible.
    One young mother clutched her baby close to her breast and said tearfully,,,,"If we go, we are going together."-----as she rushed out of the building.--
    This memory still gives me emotional chills.

    2356 days ago
  • AMR6665
    Working in Raleigh, NC...we watched the first plane hit, then the second. We were told to go home, and I spent the rest of the day making sure a fight attendant I have known since the Air Force was OK, and watching the news. We didn't work for 3 days..and then when we did...no airplanes going in or out of the airport. The silence was deafening!
    2356 days ago
    I was teaching a French I class and did not find out until my planning about 20 minutes after the first hit. It was a rough day, for me filled with prayer for all of us.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2356 days ago
    I was at work and then they let the kids out of school so we all went home. The next day the kids had soccer practice and I remember sitting watching with no planes overhead and it was so sad . we all held our children a little tighter .
    2356 days ago
    Worked downtown. Watched the horror & ran from the smoke when the buildings collapsed.

    2356 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3922103
    What an amazing story!! I was in high school in my science class when we first heard the news. For the rest of the day, the school allowed tv's to be turned on for at least 20 minutes during class. They tired to keep us going in a normal routine even though the world was in disarray!
    2356 days ago
  • LEWILL1982
    I was a freshman in college, had just finished an 8am exam, walked to our student union to eat breakfast just in time to see the 2nd tower go down. Traumatic experience as a college freshman....12 hours from home, my mom was a basket case!
    2356 days ago
    I was home. I'll never forget.
    2356 days ago
    9-11 is one of those days, that will always be in our hearts and memories. I was at work and was watching the events as they unfolded before us on the news. I still have a hard time, imagining the horror of that day. May we never forget. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2356 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5119516
    I was home with my 3 day old son, wishing my daughter a happy 3rd birthday. Just watching the TV in horror. I was just stunned at what was happening.
    2356 days ago
    I was at work at a small tech company in NJ. My office was on the side of the building where everyone except for me had been laid off. Sitting alone over in that room, I suddenly lost both the internet and the telephones. Curious, I walked over to the other side of the building where I found out that a plane had hit one of the twin towers. Remembering that I had booked the boss on a flight for that morning, I quickly looked for the file with his flight number. Sure enough, he was scheduled to be flying out of Newark Airport on Flight 11. After several horrible hours of wondering if he made the flight or not, he finally was able to get through on the phone and let us know that he had rescheduled his flight the night before and had not been on the flight that the terrorists flew into the towers. Confusing emotions of joy that he had not been on the plane and sadness for those who had been on it had the whole office in tears. We closed the company and all went home to be with our loved ones. It was very eerie driving home because there was not a plane in the sky, which is very unusual in Northern NJ. I will never forget that day. NEVER! God bless all those we lost and all of those whom we are still losing to the war and the illnesses that are plaguing those who breathed the air around New York City on that horrible day.
    2356 days ago
    I was teaching near Dobbins Air Force Base in Atlanta. Teachers quietly delivered the message to other teachers door to door as the school went on lockdown. We kept the children away from doors and windows and calmed them for the remainder of the day. Many of their parents worked for the government, and we didn't know what the scope of the attacks might be. I remained very calm for the sake of my students, but inwardly I was distraught and worried. It was a day we will never forget.

    2357 days ago
    I had just gotten home from the gym. When i turned on the TV the second plane had just hit the second tower. I don't remember moving from that chair for hours. I was over whelmed with emotions! I didn't know what to do!
    2357 days ago
    I was working at the high school where I still work. I was with a math teacher some had nicknamed Eeyore because of his countenance and voice. We were in the hall in front of the book depo with our class to get the math textbooks. Somehow word got to the teacher, and he told me, about the first airplane. We thought it must have been a tragic accident - until we heard there was a second, and realized it had been no accident. Everyone was a-buzz, and for some reason, not much school work was done that day - rather students were allowed to discuss things.
    2357 days ago
    we can never forget the horror and loss experienced that day. Blessed to live in North America- but always cognizant of the battle against terror at home and abroad. and now on the eve of 9/11 the stand against terror in Syria. Praying for wisdom for our world leaders
    2357 days ago
    I was in a hospital in Virginia, preparing to receive victims from Washington, D.C. It was a heart wrenching day.

    When I first received news, I had been in Medical Records trying to get my daughter's birth record ... she's adopted and I wanted to share her birth story with her. Would I even need it? Was the world coming to an end? Such thoughts racing through my head.

    I remember holding a young man. He was being called up for active duty. He'd fallen the week before and broken both his arms. He couldn't go. He was supposed to report to the Pentagon. He was so torn! He couldn't serve our country because his body was failing him. It was heart wrenching to hold him as he cried and watch the danger and the damage on the televisions that had been set up in one of our hospital's conference rooms.

    Then, to go home to my special needs daughter who had been shown the coverage in her school. So difficult to soothe her when I wasn't even sure myself.

    Yes, the scars do run deep. emoticon But we are a nation who stands strong!
    2357 days ago
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