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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hi, friends!

First off, thanks for the wonderful out-pouring of support yesterday! Spark People are awesome people!

Today I am in a better frame of mind, actually felt better after writing my blog yesterday. I just needed to be honest about the situation.

So, yesterday, many of the tools came out! I planned my meals, I took the time to prepare nutritious and pretty meals for myself (just me at home this week), because I am worth it!

I easily managed to stay at the low end of my range, and my nutrients came out pretty well too. My belly grumbled a bit at bedtime, but not in a bad way. This morning, my belly is smaller, not feeling as bloated, the scale says I lost three pounds...yeah, I know, water weight, but that tells me my body got rid of a lot of the nasties I've been putting into it.

I'm off to a great start, and I'm feeling pretty energized today.

The motivator that keeps running through my mind is "I can eat anything I want, but I CHOOSE to eat to nourish my body".

Wishing all of you a wonderful, healthy day!

Sheri emoticon
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