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Birthdays and Miestones

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Israelites used to build altars to mark the places where God did something miraculous. When they would see these altars it would be a reminder of their relationship with God, and the miracles He had worked.

I don't build altars, but I do like to take time to reflect, or write the things down. I think it helps me see how far I've come, the changes in my life.

Today is my birthday. Birthdays can be a great time for meditation and reflection. Today will be spent doing ordinary things, cleaning, walking the dog, laundry, volunteer work. But, it will also have little moments of Grace. The sun shining, exercising with a favorite DVD, a full refrigerator, fresh fruits and vegetables, birthday wishes from family and friends.

In June, my two year SparkVersary came and went without my noticing until weeks later...but, THIS week, I got my "tiara" because I accumulated enough points! I was pretty happy, silly? Maybe. I know I saw that crown and wanted to get there! I had friends say, just "buy" one with your goodie points, but earning it was the way for me.

I guess it's time for a new goal...what's yours?

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