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The precious gift that was today....

Monday, July 01, 2013

I gave today all that I could. I am laying here about to go get some much needed rest and I can say with all my heart that it feels amazing knowing I am ending this day with all my goals reached and knowing I pressed harder than I thought I could. There were times I wanted to stop, but I did not. There were times it hurt, but I found the fight inside of me to keep pressing ON! And now....it feels incredible!

Today I did an ST workout at home along with a HARD spin session. My husband has moved my spin bike into the living room so I can spin during the day while my girl and I are together. It has helped me so much. I think my greatest joy today came from watching my sweet Kayla interact with me as I was working out. By now, she is used to Mommy doing crazy things to workout but as I was spinning today, she was saying to me..."Be careful!! You need a helmet"I just thought it was hilarious! At one point she heard me breathing heavily and yelling out as I was so pumped up on the bike she said to me..."you need some water!" Then she proceeded to the kitchen and got me one of her cups and filled with water for me. She just thought this was so much fun so she kept bringing me more and more water! I will NEVER forget it!

When I was doing my ST outside she was there right beside me trying to ride her little bike and amused by the TRX as always! Ever since she was baby sitting in the swing watching me workout and laughing at me jumping up and down to my Cathe dvds, I have loved that I can share this time with her. She was once again laughing at me today doing the crab walks with the bands while doing upper body work with my Db's.

All in all, it was an incredible day! I feel truly blessed....

Regarding my results, for ST I did a combination of spinning as a warm up, then a high, very high rep set with minimal rest. I was lifting to songs as opposed to counting reps so there is no telling how many I did but my sets were as follows....

TRX rows
Bosu ball pushups
MB chops with squats
Squat press with plates
BB curls to overhead press
BB rows
KB swings
Crab walks with the band and Db's - curls/press
High knees
Plate chops
DB curl to squat press

For my spin session I did a mix of hard/slow climbs along with a few higher tempo climbs and high RPM intervals trying to keep my working resistance high while keeping my RPM's over 100.

HRM stats...

ST workout with spin warmup - 47 mins, 351 calories burned, AHR - 142, MHR - 168
Spin session - 74 mins, 655 calories burned, AHR - 152, MHR - 181

Total calories burned today - 1,006

The weekend of rest did a great deal of good for me. I feel ready to face this week head on and I will do ALL that I can each and every day to make the most of this time God has blessed me with.

This morning I was reading about the terrible tragedy with the 19 firefighters who lost their lives. It is just so very sad and my heart hurts for their families...I cannot imagine the pain they are feeling. We once again have a brutal reminder of how fragile and precious this life is.

Focus on the time we have been given and let's work hard to really make it count. Let go of past failures. Rise above pain, doubt and fear. Reach higher and harder than you have before. Pray for those who are hurting and love one another. We are all in this together. This amazing gift called LIFE. Let's live with a purpose in our hearts to be better each and every morning we are blessed with.

God bless you all.
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