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Over 1,200 calories BURNED today! I really gave it my all.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I am so tried. I am going to try and stay awake as I write this blog! It is 9:13 pm here in Norway and I am ready for BED!! I started off this morning at the gym and found my way in spin class thanks to a friend who was there to give me an added push! I worked hard in the class, then after headed over to the treadmill for some intervals and finally some ST. I worked out for 79 mins this morning and burned 721 calories.

After the gym, my girl and I headed to a playdate with a friend of mine. We walked to the lake to feed the ducks and on the way back we took the trails back home which included some pretty challenging hills. It was amazing and so very beautiful out there. Using MMR it was about a 3 mile walk. I was not wearing my HRM but from the hills and pace we were walking I say I burned around 150. After our visit, I headed back to the gym for ANOTHER spin class! My friend was leading the class which was motivating and I was a bit late so I had to sit right in the front row. I was nervous as by this time I was SOOOOO tired and my legs felt like lead getting on the bike but fueled by motivation ( and the awesome red energy drink from the gym) and proceeded and made it through 48 mins and burned another 412 calories.

I came home, fueled my body with an awesome salad with lamb, turkey, cabbage, carrots and cottage cheese along with 1 piece flax bread and PB and a small amount of yogurt.

I am VERY proud that I gave today my all. Truly, I did all I can now I get to reward myself with some much needed REST before the morning comes and I have another spin class. Oh my....

Whatever I am doing is working. The scale is down, I feel amazing ( though tired now) and I am so very encouraged that my journey is back on track!!!!!

Wishing you all a very successful day! REACH....really reach high today!! You will end the day SOOOO happy that you did :)

Stats for today......

Spin class - 33 mins - 305 calories burned, AHR - 155, MHR - 179

Incline intervals on the tread followed by ST - 46 mins, AHR, 153, MHR 180
On the tread - 20 mins@ 6% and 6.0 kph then 5 mins @ 10% and 6.0 kph followed by 5 mins @15% at 6.0 kph and then a final 3 mins @15% at 6.5 kph.....WOW! I had to hold on but it did not matter, I do not think I have ever walked a 15% @ 6.5 before........until now :)

After the tread I did a circuit of pushups, TRX rows, low rows, band work and crab walks with the bands.

Afternoon walk - aprox 3 miles from MMR and around 150 calories burned ( not wearing HRM)

Evening spin class - 48 mins, 412 calories, AHR 150 and MHR 177

Totals for today - From the gym - 1,133 and with the walk around 1,283!!! Happy ME!

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