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A wild day in the life of Nillapepsi

Friday, June 07, 2013

What a wild & crazy day yesterday. Whew!!! So here's the story:

We were about 2 miles from work & got a txt msg from one of the guys who gets there early -- he said the power had just gone out (just after 6:00 a.m.).

Soooo, we get to our building & there is a huge line of cars trying to get into the parking garage. The gates won't go up because they won't read your transponders when the power is out. These same gates are supposed to go up automatically when the power is out. Needless to say -- EPIC FAIL!! emoticon Someone held the gate up so we could get in. We heard later that some people just busted through with their cars. The "gate" is supposed to be "secure", but it's just a stupid little wooden arm. People drive through them frequently -- again, EPIC FAIL, right?

We drive through the garage & it's so dark & freaky because only the lights that run on the generator are working. We wait a bit trying to decide what to do. We see people heading for the elevators & not coming back out, so off we go.

Only 1 of 6 elevators was working, so when we got on it was pretty packed. We're wondering as we get to our floors if the badge readers on the doors will work with no power. Well . . . no they don't. However on my floor, which is one of the main offices of our headquarters, we have these beautiful glass doors. When the power is out, the lock disengages. Hellooooo, security issue!! EPIC FAIL #3!

There are a few people milling around my floor in all the "excitement." Most of the lights are out except those on generators. The office phones are up because they run on a battery back-up. Of course, no computers & no water.

My brother calls me (he works in the next building over). He has power. Lucky duck!!

I call my mom from the office phone & let her know the power is out. She sends me an email at work every morning to say hello & I didn't want her to think I wasn't there. As soon as I get off the phone, it dies. It's supposed to run on battery back-up for 3 days in case of an emergency. EPIC FAIL #4!!

Ok, so I mentioned no water, right? I work on the 24th floor. So when we have no water, guess what you can't do in the restroom. That's right -- FLUSH!! Can I just say eeewwwwwww??!! EPIC FAIL!!

So we're finally to the point where they're close to letting us go home for the day (health issue because of the lack of water). I'd say we had about another 30 minutes left. Guess what?? The power comes back on (after nearly 2-1/2 hours of going out). It takes another 30 minutes for us up there near the top of the "ivory tower" to get our water back.

The computers . . .well, that's another story. I didn't have full functioning of all of my computer software until nearly 10:30 & at noon, it was time to go to lunch. It took me all day to get my work caught up, but wow! What a day, right?

Wanna come to work with me today? Might be fun!!! emoticon

Blessings to you!! emoticon emoticon
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