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What a beautiful day!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Bless and be thankful, indeed! It's a beautiful day. I love having a hummingbird feeder and a seed feeder hanging with some plants in front of my kitchen window. I can watch the birds while I work, and I usually find them watching me, in return!

I'm three pounds from my original pre-op weight in 2009. Still morbidly obese, but I'm down 20 lbs and dropping, still.

I'm feeing better. I know I'm on the right track, for certain, now, by eliminating the grains. I know that isn't for everyone, but I had some rice and corn flour in a couple of low sugar gluten free cookies that I've eaten many times. I ended up with massive cramping, as if I was "glutened." So... yeah, it's more than wheat that bothers my gut.

Also, probably it's yeast making things worse. I did watch the Dr. Oz show on systemic yeast infections and did the test and man it was so immediately positive. I've been on so many antibiotics, one after the other. I just finished two rounds of two different ones in April. It got rid of the bacterial infection but my body is so far out of balance and nothing has quite gotten it back. I've been taking probiotics and sugar is a very rare thing in our food, though I buy cane sugar for the hummingbird food. (Beet sugar is GMO). We are all eating only low or fat free organic dairy, fresh fruit, lots of veggies, and meat, about half organic. I wish it was all, but we can't quite afford that. Apparently treatment is simple and I'm halfway there with the diet, already. I just need to add a bit more raw fresh garlic daily, (2-6 cloves), and buy some thyme oil for topical problems I've been having. Maybe start using thyme in cooking more, too. And cut that potato or two we have. We just do not eat out. I do occasionally buy some roast chicken but we're not doing that too often because of the brining. Too much salt. R. says he doesn't like it as well as my home made baked chicken, anyway.

I love gardening so much. We have planted quite a bit more this year. I'm so very thankful, too, because I thought my gardening days were done, because of the exhaustion and pain, and it's so important to me, Ended up being a klebsilla infection. Ugh. Two rounds of antibiotics and it's gone, and I am healing, again.
I'm getting involved with the GMO Labeling movement, and March Against Monsanto.

I rarely mention my beliefs, but I really think it's against the Bible's teaching to make GMOs and pesticides the way they do. "Hurt not the Earth..." Most of the men that are protecting Monsanto in the government profess to be Bible thumping Christians. I think they are going against their own professed beliefs for greed. I've been doing research and they literally get paid by lobbyists. Also many are investing in Monsanto, Dow and Bayer. I have a long standing abhorrence for Monsanto. They're killing the bees. I have seen two bees this May. Two. This is an agricultural area. Indeed, it's known as "Wine Country." Hives are dying everywhere and it is linked directly not only to the RoundUp but to the actual GMO ingestion through the pollen, that is changing DNA in animals that eat it.

I haven't seen one ladybug, this year. The only butterflies I've seen in my yard are Cabbage Butterflies, and only a few of those have shown up. I haven't bothered them, either! Nor picked one caterpillar.

We are getting hummingbirds, finally. They're late and all juveniles, here. So very tiny. Late hatchings. We had some late frost and they are perhaps late in migrating and the ones living year-round locally have probably nested late, as well. I am glad of them because they've fertilized some of the blossoms on my Pomegranate, so maybe I'll have some fruit. I hope so. I love watching them, too.

Today was a good day. I didn't think it would be, because I wasn't feeling so well, but I ended up getting a few things done and I feel accomplished, which definitely helps lift my spirits. I'm moving forward and making a bit of headway. Maybe not always one day at a time. Some days I slide back and can hardly move... but today was certainly going in the right direction.

"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sue, you are so right!

    Glad to see you, you were missed by a lot of us.

    Hugs, Gail
    2495 days ago
    I hear you about the Bees. We are seeing less every year. Your right, we should protect what was given to us. I'm so glad you are feeling better, and congrats on the 20 lbs. emoticon
    Keep up the gardening. I find it so relaxing.
    2496 days ago
    I'm so pleased you're feeling a lot better Sue, you have a very positive attitude too which helps enormously.
    I hope the diet works for you, with your home grown veggies it'll be organic!
    I hope you continue to improve, you sound very happy emoticon emoticon
    2496 days ago
    What a lovely picture you paint for us. Thanks for sharing it.
    2496 days ago
    Sue, so nice to see a blog from you on Spark. I see you always on FB, but I missed you on here. Sounds like you are doing much, much better---you got the whole family eating healthy--Good for You!! Continue success, hon, and I hope all works out well for you. I am very glad you are doing a little gardening again. (hugs) Noel
    2496 days ago
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