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Hitting the Reset Button...

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Some of my friends on FB asked about the Reset plan I am currently doing. This is a plan I made for myself based on my current needs and goals for this month. It is a simple, back to basics approach and one which I truly feel will help me get back on track.

Why do I need this plan? Well, to be honest, I need it because I have failed to be consistent with my workouts and my strong nutrition and now, it is time I reach new goals and try to lose some weight in order to get back to where I was last year.

The plan is from April 29th - May 22nd as we are leaving for our vacation the 23rd. I am making my goals one week at a time. My focus for now is getting back to consistency and posting for accountability. I cannot think about my long terms goals as of now as they can be overwhelming seeing where I am now compared to where I want to be. So for me, I am taking my goals day by day and only one week at a time to establish a fitness/nutrition routine once again.

Week 1 - April 29th - May 5th

Goals - The main goal for this week is to get back to posting. Every day, I will be posting my goals and a short recap of the day before. What did I do right, where did I go wrong. Evaluate, then move on to the next day!

Week 2 - May 6th - May 12th

Goals - Repeat goals from Week 1, then add in accountability for foods!! I will be taking photos of my meals to increase my accountability and to bring a focus back to proper nutrition and portion sizes

Week 3 - May 13th - May 19th

Goals - Repeat goals from Week 1 and 2. New goals include listing details regarding my workouts. Number of pull ups, pushups, burpees etc... again, to bring focus on daily accountability.

Week 4 - May 20th - May 22th ( only 2 days this week as we are leaving....)

Goals - Repeat goals from Weeks 1,2 and 3....

*For Nutrition -

My focus is on two things. Greens and lean proteins. I am limiting my carbs as of now, especially since I am not currently in full marathon training mode. There is no need for a large amount of carbs for me as of now. My carbs sources will be from sweet potatoes, some fruits, quinoa and occasionally some GF oats....but not too much. Oats are my weakness :) For now, for me....I do best without them.

*For FItness -

I am getting back to what I love most, running and circuit training. My body responds very well to running in combination with sprints/hill intervals with strength training ( Push ups, Burpees, Pullups, Rowing, TRX and Medicine Ball work ).

*Small Daily Goals to focus on -

1. Stress eating. This gets me every time!!! I need to THINK before I eat! :)

I need to ask myself if I am really hungry or just eating to chill myself out or eating mindlessly while sitting at the computer. Before every meal, every snack -- THINK! Think about the quality of the food, the portion sizes....everything. ALL the little bites of this and that ADD UP throughout the day!!! Trust me on this one :)

2. Make sure I am drinking enough water. Not from coffee....which I am really good at doing :) But good old fashioned WATER!

As I mentioned in the beginning. This is a very straight forward plan. I have found through my years on this weight loss journey that it does not matter how simple a plan is, if you do not follow it, nothing in your life will change. Consistency has to be the foundation of ANY program. Regardless how you go about losing weight, consistency has to be key!!

In June, after we are back from our trip, I am starting another challenge, which will be 7 weeks long.

I cannot tell you how much your support and encouragement is helping me!! Thank your for taking the time to cheer me along as I try to regain my fitness and reach these goals....Thank you all :)
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