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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Spring Challenge Showering Lilies Week 3
I lost all my self control this week with Easter and all the candy and starting a new job for the first time in 5 years. The amount of food I have consumed for this week is ridiculous and I know it needs to stop or I will never lose this weight and I will just get bigger and bigger!!! My calorie goal that I set for myself after much research is 2000 a day since I am nursing and trying to work out 5 times a week. So here is my food log for the week! I am ashamed and embarrassed but I will overcome this part of my life and this will all be a vague distant memory.

breakfast; 1 cup coffee with 4 tbsp creamer and two pop tarts
lunch; grilled cheese sandwich on wheat bread with a banana and 1oz cheetos
dinner; 1 cup homemade chili, grandmas dinner rolls-4 (with a bit of butter), 12oz dr. pepper.
snack; 1 cup coffee with 4 tbsp creamer, 1 piece of cake with a little scoop of ice cream, a serving of flips chocolate covered pretzels, and 12 mini cadbury candy eggs.
Total calories for the day- 2881 ( way to many )

breakfast; 3 great value cinnamon rolls
lunch; 1 hamburger with cheese and bun, 1 oz cheetos, 18 cadbury candy eggs, 13 crunch candy eggs, 12oz dr. pepper
dinner; (Easter Dinner) 12oz ham, 1 cup salad with tomatoes croutons and Italian dressing, 4 dinner rolls, 1/2 cup Au Gratin Potatoes, 1/2 cup bushes baked beans
dessert; 1 cup coffee with 4 tbsp creamer, 6 dinner rolls, a dish of strawberry shortcake, and 2 little brownies.
Total calories for the day- 4732 ( another horrible day!!!)

breakfast; 1 cup coffee with 4 tbsp creamer, 2 pieces of toast with 2 tbsp strawberry cream cheese, 7oz ham, and 5 crunch candy eggs
lunch; 6oz yoplait light white chocolate strawberry yogurt, half banana, 1 cadbury creme egg
dinner;6oz lean steak, 1 cup fettucini with sauce, 1 slice garlic toast,
snack; 12 cadbury candy eggs, 1 cup hot cocoa, 10 marshmallow peeps, 1 cadbury creme egg
Total calories for the day - 2649 ( better but not at goal yet.)

breakfast; 1.5 cups of cocoa, 2 slices of toast with 2 tbsp strawberry cream cheese, 1 blueberry poptart
lunch; 2 cups homemade potato salad, 1 cup homemade chili, 3 hersheys kisses, and 2 See’s Candies
dinner; 1/2 cup Au Gratin Potatoes, 8 oz ham, 2 cups baked beans, 2 servings of strawberry shortcake.
snack; 2 tootsie rolls
Total calories for the day - 2864 ( ble I am just not doing very good this week!!!)

breakfast; 2 cups of coffee with 8 tbsp creamer, 2 slices of toast with 2 tbsp peanut butter
lunch; 3 hardboiled eggs for a egg salad sandwich, 2 hersheys kisses and 2 mini krackles
dinner; dairy queen corn dog, small fries and small double fudge cookie dough blizzard
snack; 2 See’s Candies, pack of Grandma's peanut butter cookies, 6 great value cookies, 1.25 cups of golden Grahams cereal with 1 cup of milk
Total Calories for the day- 4724 ( ack......what is wrong with me!!!)

Breakfast; 1 cup coffee 4 tbsp creamer, 1 cutie orange, 2 slices of toast with 2 tbsp peanut butter
lunch; 3 cups salad with tomatoes and 3 tbsp Italian dressing, 1 cup coffee with 4 tbsp creamer, 2 graham crackers, and 2 little 4 oz cups of cinnamon applesauce
dinner; 4 slices of dominos large cheese pizza, 1 slice of domino's large extra pepperoni and cheese pizza, 1/2 lava cake,
snack; 3 hersheys kisses, 2 mini peanut butter cups, and 2 mini Krackles
Total Calories for the day - 3126 ( I have no self control and you know that full feeling people get well I apparently don’t have that EVER!!! )

breakfast; 1 great value cookie, 1 cup coffee with 4 tbsp creamer
lunch; costco chicken bake, 16 oz coke
dinner; 2 slices costco combo pizza, 1.5 slices costco cheese pizza, 1 costco cheese danish,
snack; 8 thin mint girl scout cookies, almost an entire bag of hershey's hugs ( about 65 pieces), 2 12 oz dr. peppers and 2 cups of coffee with 8 tbls creamer.
Total calories for the day- 4962 ( why not top out the week with an almost 5000 calorie day right!)

Well I did completely horrible and I eat like this most of the time so its a wonder I don’t weigh 500 lbs!!! I did however gain back 4lbs this week and my calories had a lot to do with it but also sodium makes me bloat up like a balloon. My goal for the next week is to hit my calorie goals and exercise goal and watch my sodium super close! I feel yucky about my food choices but I am so thankful that every day is a new chance to get it right.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    MT Moonchaser, lol glad you feel better about your eating, ;) I am trying to reign it in this week but so far I have been over on day one and wayyyy over on day two, I swear I just dont want to eat anything for the rest of the week. I can go for a long while on an empty stomach but once I get some food down.....man its like a bottomless pit!! Thanks for the encouragement mom4hockey :)
    2934 days ago
    Holidays with all the goodies and big delicious family dinners are hard for everyone! On the upside,,you've owned up to it and are holding yourself accountable! That's half the battle!! Setting your calorie goal is a great place to start and your very good about keeping track so I know you can do it !!
    2935 days ago
    Hey, at least you made me feel better about MY eating this week...

    My weigh-in is Sunday morning, so we'll see what that brings.

    Probably the same as last week, hopefully no worse.

    2936 days ago
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