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Non-Scale Victory at the Store

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Since I have a new job, I indulged in a bit of shopping today. I decided to get some capri-length jeans and a top. I tried on the size I believed I needed, but they were too baggy. I had to take a smaller size! I haven't worn that size in oh-so-long! I haven't been doing well with any aspect of my Spark Plan, but it was truly a nice feeling to require a smaller size pants! These pants are pull-on with a stretchy waist and no fly. Who needs it when my tops are always covering my waist anyway. So comfy!

I've finished my first week of work. It was hard to get in the groove. I was pretty tired each day when I came home. It was hard to get rallied to cook a home-cooked meal, but I did it a few times. I cannot brag about great control when it has come to eating lately. I have dined at Taco Bell a few times and such, but I did make a pot of black beans from scratch that I've enjoyed eating with homemade salsa. I need to get back in the groove of drinking water.

Hope everyone is doing well with their eating programs and fitness routines. My SparkTeam has a challenge that just began in which we all attempt to lose a pound a week until July 4. Hope everyone will give it their all. If you are interested in joining this challenge, we'd love to have you over at the 50+ team page. Even if you are not quite 50 yet, you can still do the challenge with us--we are not that exclusive!

Spark the best you can, y'all!
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