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Hitting a Wall

Friday, April 05, 2013

Nothing new to report today. If anyone has any tips about the things I asked about in this video I would love your help and support. Thanks so much everyone and have an awesome day!
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    Hmm... I don't really have any tips for breaking a stall.

    I mean, I've been having a similar problem, but all I get on the internet is contradictory information. You're eating too many calories, no, you're eating too few. You need to exercise more, no, don't exercise too much it'll lower your metabolism.

    I think the best advice is to just keep doing what you know should work, and eventually, it will. Whatever you do, don't give up! It's frustrating doing everything right and the scale doesn't move, but it's better to "maintain" for a while than to gain!

    I drink a gallon of water a day, and it seems to help. No, it's not making weight fly off me (I wish!), but I feel like it helps. I also make these low calorie mini cheesecakes out of half cream cheese and half cottage cheese. I'll spread a little sugar free jam on them. They're delicious! I've shared the recipe here on sparkpeople. Now what did I call it... hmm...

    I think it's: Kari's Own Low Carb Cottage Cheese Mini Cheesecakes. Of course, you can easily make them lower fat by using low fat cream cheese and low fat cottage cheese. The calories would be even lower!
    2995 days ago
    I love your blog and you look beautiful without makeup. I've been dealing with the "damn" Easter candy, too. Thanks for the laugh. (: My loss has been slow, too, but if you just kept pushing with the tracking for nutrition and exerice, eventually, the weight will go.

    Some of my snacks: string cheese wrapped in a lettuce leaf, Nutella on a banana or two (that gives me a good chocolate fix), popcorn, hot chocolate or cold made with a serving of Nesquik and one cup of milk (I've switched back to skim milk to cut down the calories), a serving of pretzels, granola bars (my favorites are quaker chewy variety pack which is 90-100 calorie per bar and fudge dipped coconut from Sunbelt Bakery which is 150 calories per bar). Graham crackers are a good sweet fix, too. I also eat celery, green peppers, clementines, radishes, carrots, hard-boiled eggs, and, yes, apples. emoticon Tomatos (good with cottage cheese) and raspberries are favorites in the summer.

    I hope this helps. emoticon
    2997 days ago

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  • no profile photo CD575791
    you already know salts and junked calories .... simply make a mission of drinking water, the wall will give out emoticon
    2998 days ago

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    I lost about 39 pounds in high school.. went from 179 to 140... my goal was 125. I never made it and gained back all the weight and a ton more. I was on the Atkins diet and kinda just caved.. gave up the lifestyle after I plateaued... so I can't tell you how to break the plateau but I can tell you don't give up! Don't be like me. Until you figure out how to break it you have to be happy/comfortable of your accomplishments thus far. I really lost sight of where I had come from and took for granted how much I had lost. How could I ever have thought 179 was fat when I am now 247? How could I ever have ever not valued 140 enough to hold on to it for dear life? I'm sorry I can't help you out but just don't give up ... hugs :-)
    2998 days ago

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  • no profile photo CD13817356
    Hi Shaunna! Wow, it is so great that you are still tracking your calories even though you have been munching on the Easter candy. :) When I have tried to lose weight in the past, I never can when I'm eating foods outside the home (not homemade). I suspect that most have hidden calories in them or maybe its the salt...not sure...but if I want to lose weight I have to eat at home for the majority of my meals. That would be one suggestion. Alternatives for the bunny, lol, I laughed when you said don't say an apple because that is my favorite munchy snack. Its crunch and I can eat it slowly. What I have found is that if I can stay away from the junk food for a few days then I really enjoy the taste of fruits and veggies. At first I just have to make myself eat the fruits and veggies the first day or so...then my tastes change to prefer them over the junk. One more suggestion I have for you is to try not to eat low-fat. Our bodies need good fats to run properly and also those good fats are what curb our hunger. Try some butter, olive oil, don't shy away from "fatty" fruits like avocados. Just my suggestions.... oh and also want to say that sometimes I'll have hit a wall for a few weeks but I find that if I keep plugging away at it then after a few weeks the scale has a huge fast drop. Not sure why.

    you are doing so well :) Keep it up!
    2998 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13752240
    You're a pretty girl and I think looks good without make-up. Your doing the right thing of tracking everything down. What I do is go back and look at what I tracked for the last two weeks and look at exercise as well to see why I may not have lost any weight. With me I am O.K. losing slowly as long as I keep it off.

    Make your own snacks. If you like chocolate, there are good chocolate pudding recipes that uses cocoa which is full of antioxidants and dark chocolate and milk. I use whole foods brand o calorie sugar substitute which is the better tasting to me than stevia.
    emoticon emoticon
    2998 days ago
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