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I Hate Food Tracking!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

I absolutely detest it! Does anyone else have this problem? While Sparkpeople makes it fairly painless, I still find it tedious and frustrating. At the end of the day sometimes, I go to bed without bothering to finish it, and then I have to do it in the morning, and I just, uggh, that's how I feel. I have the mobile app, and that helps me track on the go, and I try my hardest to track my food as I eat it, but I just hate it! Maybe I should do some self analysis and see just why I hate it so much.
Honestly, I know the point of it, and I know it helps and I know it works, but I really dislike it.

In other news though, I am still fighting with this cold I have. There are lingering leftover symptoms that are really slowing me down. I have an annoying cough, especially at night, and some pretty nasty exhaustion. I think, if I could sleep a night or two straight through, I would start to feel a whole lot better, but the cough keeps waking me up. When I finally do get to sleep, I don't feel rested when I wake up. So very frustrating!

Beyond that though, I have once again reset all my goals and totals. I want a clear, clean picture of now to my goal. I set my goal at 199lbs, because my end goal of 145lbs just seems inconceivable to me. I haven't seen that weight since I was 16ys old. More than half my lifetime ago. Who knows, I may get to say 150lbs and decide I'm happy there, or I may aim for the 130's. I won't know until I'm almost there. So for now, it's 199lbs, because I REALLY want to see me under 200lbs. I know she's in there somewhere, but I haven't seen her since my daughter was born. Over 15yrs ago! Even that seems like a bit of a stretch to me, but I do not see it as unattainable, just a long way off.

Ideally, I am hoping to be down 20lbs by July, in honesty though, it will probably be closer to 15lbs. Still smaller than I am now though, and thats what matters. Always and ever heading down not up!
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  • no profile photo CD7601418
    I hate tracking food also. Sometimes I don't finish my tracker either. I know it's best for my diet to track, but it is tedious. I also sometimes think it makes me think about food more during the day. But, when I stop tracking I find I stray from a decent eating pattern, soooo, I guess I track as best I can.
    2795 days ago
    I don't mind tracking my food !
    I find that it is very helpful to find out exactly what nutrients I'm
    actually taking in . I think that this information is valuable to have !
    I hope that your cold will go away soon !
    2994 days ago
  • NIXIE27
    WOW! What an overwhelming response! It's nice to know I'm not alone in this!
    I like the idea from Claraelizabeth about pre tracking. That actually makes perfect sense to me! I may just try that! I know if I don't track, I end up way off course. Hence the 3lb gain ;(
    Ok, so, I may regret this, but "I hereby do pledge to track my food every day for seven days straight! Should I miss a day, feel free to send me a virtual kick in the rear end!"

    2994 days ago
  • GK1963
    I have found that tracking has become less of a chore for me. Monday - Friday is easy - it's the weekend that gets me.
    2994 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13352408
    I hate tracking my food, too. I used to track it in a journal AND on Spark, but that was even more tedious, so now I just track on Spark. And, this may sound strange, but I track my food for the following day on the previous day. For instance, today, I put into the tracker what I'm going to eat tomorrow. This helps me stick to the food I listed, as well as know already how many calories I will be using. If I do eat something that I hadn't previously planned (I try to make it something that's close in calories, so that I don't go over my daily calories), I just make the changes on the Spark tracker the next day. Obviously, this isn't for everyone!!!! But, for me, it's better to do it this way than to not track at all! And, believe it or not, having the print out of what I've already planned helps me to stick to it because I don't have to make a decision on what to eat thereby less possibility to make some poor choices because I'm hungry. (I just re-read this and am not sure it will make sense to anyone??)
    2994 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/4/2013 3:14:58 PM
  • no profile photo CD13423552
    I do not mind the food tracking, but I work on the computer all day for work so it is pretty easy for me to do. It keeps me accountable and I know where I stand. I also am good about entering my exercise as well. But I am still somewhat new, started SparkPeople after Christmas 2012. We'll see if I still feel that way in a few months. In regard to your weight goals, if 145 does not seem realistic to you today, they you are smart to set it to a more realistic goal. Goals can always be readjusted, they are not permanent. My employer has a wellness program and I have a weight loss goal through them and the first goal was to lose 13 lbs in 13 weeks. That is losing a lb a week which to me is just fine. I would rather lose it slowly and hopefully maintain it. So set whatever goal seems attainable to you. If a goal does not seem realistic, it might be self defeating. Best of luck to you and I hope you shake that cold now that Spring is coming!
    2994 days ago
  • SUE5007
    Yeah tracking can be tedious. Sometimes I feel that way because I know I'm indulging on either the type of food I ate or the amount and I don't want to look my consequences in the face.
    I also feel like I'm thinking about food ALL THE TIME when I track. I think about it when I'm eating, when I'm trying to remember to track it, when I actually track it, the numbers so far, when I'm debating switching out one snack for another and what that will do to my numbers, and if I pre-track something before I eat but I end up eating more or less then I tracked I have to go back and adjust it. I think that is why I hate it most. The constant keeping up on it.
    2994 days ago
  • 1935MARY
    Sometimes I hate to track, and sometimes I finish in the mornings. I know it is best if to do it as I go. It helps me control my sugars better. But it gets boring. I like reading blogs. I have been sick all week and I have eaten little so it is easier to track, but I know it is not doing me any good. I hope you get to feeling better and even though you hate to track keep on it does help.
    2994 days ago
    I can't stand to track my food, and I have the food app as well, thinking if I put it on my phone I would be forced to actually use it. Not so. I don't know what it is, I just can't stand looking up all the foods, typing it all in....ughhh...but I've also not lost any weight in weeks because I have no idea on where I am calorie wise. Note to self - TRACK MY FOOD!
    2994 days ago
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