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How Green was my Blessing

Monday, March 18, 2013

St PATTY'S DAY HAS COME AND GONE. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon As you can see by the icons, the mug o' beer is missing and there are two glasses of sparkling cider in place of it. I don't drink sparkling, carbonated or alcoholic beverages, ever. But my GS has always gotten a kick out of sparkling cider so I have it for my DD, and him, even though he's now 21 instead of 11! I basically kept my committment for dinner and had 2 cabbage leaves, one and a half slices of the most delicious, lean corned beef with lots of spicy brown mustard, one potato, lots of carrots, and 2 slices of Irish soda bread w/ butter. Then, Vanilla flavored coffee for dessert, and Entemanns' green sprinkled 'Popems' which I totally caved on after remaining SO disciplined the rest of the dinner. It was all so good, and we actually talked at the dinner table, which was so nice. GS, was so helpful, like his old self before his laptop became an adjunct to his right arm! emoticon, and was a joy for this grandma all evening.
He took care of several minor tasks for me, hanging a wall magazine sorter, changing an overhead clock's time for DST, and taking out 2 trash bags to the curb, things I absolutely could not do myself. I sent him home with half a corned beef for sandwiches at work this week, and that gives me so much joy to know he will have good lunches all week long. DD and GS can cook all the remaining cabbage and red skinned potatoes for meals, and have the remaining Popems for dessert! It was great sending all the leftovers home with them, except for 2 slices of Soda bread which I just had for breakfast. Today I feel so blessed, happy, joyous and free! And none the worse for my Irish indulgence! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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