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Friday, March 08, 2013

WHAT A WEEK. Week-lengths can be tough in general, but I have had quite an adventurous one!

Monday I woke up and my car wouldn’t start. I had a feeling this day was coming. Since starting my new job and having to drive farther than two traffic lights in my beater every day, my instinct said “This car that is almost as old as you are [which in car years is like ANCIENT] is not going to be able to keep up” I was keeping track of my gas consumption and for the month of February I spent $214 on my LITTLE car. Long story short, it decided to happen on a Monday morning – of course. I got a little lucky, my boyfriend was already scheduled to work from home, so I just took his car. But it was one of “those days” for sure. My sunglasses broke; I spilled coffee everywhere, just one of those days where you would rather be in a padded room somewhere safe.

Luckily I could borrow my sister’s car for the week, and we had a “snow day” (we did actually get some snow but half of the city didn’t so no one believed us western folks?) so I made out okay on the commute to work. My ear infection, however, was getting worse again. Yesterday my primary doc was like “You need to see this ENT, like, TODAY” and I DID. Best. Decision. Ever. They drained my ear and I felt instantly better, like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I go back in a week to make sure that everything is cleared up, but I am already feeling SO much better. I know that visit is going to cost me an arm and a leg on the specialist visit insurance fees, but I can HEAR AGAIN!!!!

I got my car into the shop yesterday and they just called – they basically can’t find anything that would have caused the problem. Huh. I guess that is good news? But also bad news too? I’m not sure. But I think it MAY be time to start looking at some cars. In the meantime I’m letting them do a tune up and continue to drive my stinkbug car.

Anyways – long story short – I haven’t been focusing on the exercise/fitness as much this week. I had two lunch meetings this week. Now that my ear isn’t in a ton of pain and clogged, I’m looking forward to being able to bounce around in the gym again! I think next week will be a great refreshing start – yet again.

We get life challenges for a reason right? I know on Monday I felt like the world was crushing me. My health was off, my car was dead, things weren’t going my way. I had myself a good cry. And look – I’m alive! I survived! And I have the power to keep moving forward. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?!

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