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I've got my space back, and that's a good thing!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I am free again, and now I'm happy about it. We all need our freedom and independence. I'm sure my daughter and grandson like being able to come and go and not having to anticipate if nosy Mom or Grandma is going to ask all sorts of annoying questions. When they're here I tend to worry a lot more than when they are out of sight. It's not like they're out of mind, just not constantly on my mind, like when they were little kids. and who needs that?
I like being able to cook the evening meal at an early "senior dinner hour" and not have to worry if the food will be okay for them hours later. And I liked getting up at 2AM this morning to write out a different birthday card for my Weight Watcher friend whose birthday we were celebrating today. I changed my mind about the card in my first round of sleep last night, and came out and discarded the one I had made the night before. The Elmers glue wasn't appropriate for card making and it looked pasty. It wasn't what I wanted to give to a friend who is a big card fan of mine. So since my DD no longer occupies the living room couch as a bed, I just came out and did what I needed to do. Problem settled.
I really like being in charge of my own life. It was a hard-won victory in a life long battle, and now that it's here, I'm hanging on to it. One of the things that I can do to hold on is to continue to eat healthy and lose weight to increase my continued ability to care for myself independently. This I can do, and I will, with the help of God.
I guess the past 6 weeks have made me very aware and very appreciative of all the blessings I have. I also have a new respect for my space and my family's need for personal space, as well. So I think all's well that ends well. If we get through the challenge, and learn from it , then it was a good thing emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon .
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