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The Pizza Debate

Saturday, February 16, 2013

DH loves pizza, but it's been a long time since we ordered one for delivery with all the fixings we love. First, there was DH watching his cholesterol and cheese being a problem. Then I decided to give up wheat for a while. So we found alternatives to pizza for when we wanted a "treat" meal that was both comforting and convenient. (Usually it was roast chicken take-out from Swiss Chalet.)

But lately we've added pizza back into the rotation. I can't even remember how this happened, even though it was relatively recently. I had had it in my mind that I wanted pizza to be part of our lives again. I am way more relaxed about eating wheat (avoiding bread and pasta is a wonderful, easy-to-follow way to eat within a certain calorie range and not feel hungry, but I no longer feel it needs to be a 100% restriction) and DH keeps his cholesterol in check with medication.

So anyway, there was a sale at the grocery store on a certain brand of "Ultra Thin Crust" pizza, so we read the calorie info on the back of the packages and realized that most of them were less than 800 calories for a whole pizza. That meant the two of us could share one pizza for under 400 calories each!

So pizza has reentered our lives courtesy of McCain's Ultra Thin Crust variety. The crust, despite being as thin as a piece of cardstock, is always crispy and surprisingly delicious. (I mean, we were prepared for it to be a bit like eating the cardboard it resembles, but it isn't. The crust is actually tasty!)

So anyway, I was trying to describe to a supportive friend how great it was to have pizza back, only she had a puzzling reaction. She said something along the lines of, "Oh yes, those thin-crust things are great food. They taste good for what they are, but they are NOT pizza. For me, nothing is pizza unless it's on thick, chewy dough."

As far as I'm concerned, that type of thinking is far too restrictive. I would be either setting myself up for never having pizza again, or just going for broke and overeating. (Based on personality, I would guess I fall into the former category, while my friend falls into the latter.) But luckily for me, pizza on a thin crust is just as enjoyable and able to be called pizza as the high-calorie, puffy dough variety.

That being said, not all thin-crust pizza is equal! Some of them DO taste like they are baked on cardstock. So maybe that is what my friend is thinking.

What do you think? Do you have an opinion on pizza? Have you tried a good thin crust one? Are you able to work "real" pizza into your calorie range? How does pizza fit into your life?
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    I prefer thin crust actually so I have to disagree with your friend anyways.
    Pizza has been relegated to an occasional treat for me. When I do have it I get the smallest size and make sure the rest of my meals that day are really low-cal so I still stay in all my ranges.
    Probably if you say "I am not allowed pizza ever again!" you will just want it more, so it's better to work it in now and then : )
    2975 days ago
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