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Let's get real! The "secret" to weight loss

Friday, February 15, 2013

"What's your secret??" they ask... "I started eating less, eating better, and got active." I answer...
"But how? how did you lose so much?"
"Well, I found this website, called sparkpeople... I put in my height, weight, and how many pounds I wanted to lose a week, I selected the max amount of 2 lbs... it told me how many calories to consume in a day, and how many to burn in a week, so that's what I did. I counted every calorie I put in my body, and started running."
"No, really... how did you do it??"

Why is the answer I give not sound like enough? It IS that simple, and yet it's hard.

Let's get real!

Everyone wants a quick and easy fix.
Give me some fad crash diet, or a pill, or surgery even.

I guess it depends on the person... do you want to be happy fast and for a short while(because we all know what happens when you stop those pills and go back to eating whatever you took out of your diet before), or do you want to make a permanent change for life?
The answer was simple for me... I KNEW diets and pills wouldn't give me what I wanted, and this... this just sounded RIGHT.

So I committed. I decided for ONE week I would eat the EXACT amount of calories spark gave me, and I would make sure I hit the burn I needed, and see what happened.
I learned really quick that even though it was that easy, that it was crazy difficult. I realized within a day that I was consuming a STUPID amount of calories! I had to start eating better just so I could feel full without going over my intake... amazing how that works huh? In order to stay in those calories you HAVE to be eating better or you'll be STARVING! I was drinking away calories too...
hello water!! My new best friend! Hello crystal light! Hello Coke Zero!

I was amazed when I realized how OUT OF SHAPE I was, I mean, I knew I did nothing all day but... man!
Huff and puff was the sound I made all week!
BUT... when I stepped on that scale a week later and saw I was down 5 lbs, I was in shock! Surely this wouldn't continue, but I'm willing to find out!
Another week went by, -4 lbs!
That's right! 2 weeks, 9 lbs!


(5k after two weeks)

So I kept going, and I became stronger, so things were getting easier. Food was becoming my friend, I was going faster and longer while running and I didn't feel like I was going to die.
I lost weight every week, through Thanksgiving, through Christmas, New Years... I lost consistently until I was down almost 30 lbs, then I had to up my workouts a little.

(5k after 3 months)

(5k after 4.5 months)

(Half Marathon after 10 months down over 50lbs)

(second half marathon after 2+ years of losing and keeping off 77lbs)

Let's get real!

Pills aren't the answer.

Diets that you don't plan to keep up for the rest of your life, won't work.

You're going to have to get off the couch, and get your rear in gear.

You're going to have to make better food choices, and eat less of the stuff that got you where you are.

Calories in, and calories out. Yes it's that simple, and that hard. But... it works!

Do you want to lose weight, get healthy and stay that way? Then guess what? You're going to have to work for it!

Doesn't cost you a dime. Just some time, choices and determination!

It's not a secret peeps! When you see that ad off to the side of your computer screen that says "Click for the secret to weight loss!" "drop weight by following this old trick" or "so and so lost __ lbs using this secret!!!"
Just know... it's bull. ALL of it!

Love yourself enough to change your life, for the REST of your life!

It's simple, and hard, but you CAN do it and it's worth EVERY drop of sweat!

Rock it out peeps!

Much Love,

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo MELGRO
    This is a great blog post and in my opinion you are spot on. The formula is simple and to keep myself motivated I read posts and articles like yours every day. I also learn new tips along the way with the best one so far being to think through what you're about to eat (e.g. ice cream). I think things like:
    - the guilt I'll feel afterwards
    - the displeasure at having to log it into my food journal and seeing my daily calorie allowance go over
    - getting on the scales in the morning and seeing the number go up
    - the harm I'm doing to my body with those trans fats
    All of a sudden I don't want to eat that ice cream anymore!

    Stay strong.

    2907 days ago
    You're preaching to the choir, sister! I know that it really is that simple, and right now I just need to suck it up and do it!

    Thanks for the reminders!
    2968 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/5/2013 4:55:06 PM
    Thank you for this inspiring post. It's a struggle but thinner feels so much better so In the long run I is worth it. Great job! emoticon

    2979 days ago
    Love this. I keep telling myself I can't run... but really, I've never tried!

    2982 days ago
    Amen!! Calories in Calories Out! It's that simple, but yet so much hard work and determination and consistency for the rest of your life. Get it. It's a lifestyle and not a temporary fix. Yes Indeed. emoticon
    2983 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13655203
    I am going to make it a point to read your blogs and subscribe to them. You rock!!

    2983 days ago
    I am so glad I came home to this blog tonight!! I try to explain that to people around me, but they just don't get it. They can think I'm lame when I pass on the fried food and only drink water when they drink beer, but hey...I have a goal to reach. Then hopefully they will think back to all the times I passed on the things they indulged in and they will get it. Sometimes it's frustrating because they want a different answer than the one you give.
    2984 days ago
    So true! You are rocking it here and totally motivating! I really should stop giving up on myself and just keep making the proper changes to get me where I want to be. Thank you for the inspiration!!
    2985 days ago
    Just what I needed to read right now! emoticon
    2985 days ago
    I loved this blog! I am only 3lb down after two weeks, nowhere near your progress at the same mark! It's not a competition though, and I accept and understand that my body is different than yours. You have done so well and I am continually finding people on here that inspire me to keep going.

    Everywhere I go I am telling people I talk to how much better I feel after just 2 weeks of doing it. I'm feeling more motivated by everything in my daily life and it's beautiful, I am loving every minute of this. Some days it is hard and I want to quit but when I see how much a difference my changes are making I know I can go on.

    Wonderful job, you look amazing, and I can't wait to be where you are one day!
    2985 days ago
    It is so amazing that people don't even want to make an attempt if they actually have to work at it. You've done such a great job! You SHOULD be proud of yourself!
    2985 days ago
    i am rocking it oput em love.thanks for shareing even though it is nothing i didn´t know we all need a reminder now and then.take care and keep smiling.keep on keeping on emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2985 days ago
    Love this blog! So right on emoticon
    2985 days ago
  • SBFT84
    I love the truth... It's that simple, and that hard. Thanks for the update on why I have to keep coming back. I keep coming back, every day, to stay true to my hopes and keep my health and weight goals front and center of my day. Every day, every choice means the difference between weight loss vs weight gain. Thank you for printing what is in my heart.
    2985 days ago
    You look amazing!! emoticon
    2985 days ago
    2985 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12254304
    2986 days ago
    Awesome Blog!
    2986 days ago
    Well written... and inspiring! Helps me focus on what I need to do for the next few months to change my habits. Thanks for sharing!
    2986 days ago
    So True! I'm in my second month and I know this is working! Great blog and a great message!
    2986 days ago
    Great blog! Congratulations on all your success!

    2986 days ago
  • BMELT2013
    emoticon Well said!
    2986 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13654686
    You are so right - that's what I've said to people before and I firmly believe it. However, people always think it is so impossible. How can you possibly like healthy food? Why do you go to the gym all the time? It gets aggravating that people can't see it for themselves and stop harping on those that do.

    Congratulations on all that you have achieved - you are truly and inspiration!

    2986 days ago
    wonderful blog!
    emoticon emoticon
    2986 days ago
    You are so right - people have kind of stopped asking me how I lost weight 'cause that's the answer I give. Eat better and exercise! They don't really want to hear that, they want the magic potion.
    2986 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2986 days ago
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