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Rewards for fat people – need help

Thursday, February 07, 2013

This revelation has come from many experiences including wisdom words of friends on this site.

Lately, and perhaps longer than I care to admit, I have started noticing how I reward myself. And, sad to say have not made the changes required because I am still sabotaging ME!

Lose weight one week. Ok go ahead and have that cookie this week. emoticon

Lose weight TWO weeks in a row. YAHOO; it is time to celebrate and have some really good food. How about a piece of cake for lunch two days, pizza on Friday and yeah go ahead and have that donut on Sunday! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Week three: up 3 pounds or no loss at all and discouragement sets in. and what do you when discouraged? EAT, EAT, EAT – some snacks are healthier but too much is still too much!

emoticon emoticon
Did well and wrote down all that food you ate every day, logged it in and stayed on your calorie range? Yessssiree. Great, let’s celebrate. Just skip today, you will remember and log it all tomorrow.

Second tracking week – well last week went well, got all my days in and posted. (did I remember that I had to beat my brains against the wall trying to remember the third day back – OH NO! so guess what happened?

Third week tracking – ummm, let’s see that was 5 days ago, what did I eat? Breakfast is easy – same unless It is the weekend. And at the end of the week, two days are done and I “START” all over.

Why do I continually do that to myself? What other good habits do I do this with? Guess this should be a goal to track in itself? UT OH! Another goal… more tracking..

Well here is the good thing. I have 4-5 goals a week I track which is how I discovered this slovenly, overeating, bad reward mess about myself.

Am I looking forward to finding out other such horrible habits I have developed or am making. NO. Will I continue to root them out and expose them to the ginormous world so I stop? YES!

Here is my dilemma and what I need help on. How do you reward yourself for losing a pound, how did you break this cycle of celebrating success by breaking the good habits you are trying to learn? Obviously I need some suggestions to find a way to start.


This is day 1 and I hope to have a plan by day 5.

Thanks & suggest away! PRETTY PLEASE!

Getting back up on the horse and TRYING again!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My most motivating rewards have been pedicures, when they fall in line with Spring to fix them up, or for a getaway. A new bathing suit necessary for vacation was a good one, since they cost so much, and I desired one with good control all over. Once I started shaping up, I desired clothes, just special jeans. When I lost in sizes, new bras, panties and clothes were desirable. Now I mostly appreciate new exercise dvds, and other fitness tools to shake things up, and for variety, to keep me motivated. I enjoy new gadgets as well that aid in my new love of cooking, and clean eating. I don't use food as a reward typically, but when we go on vacation, a reward of eating out at a special restaurant is always something special, and otherwise we eat healthy, but I didn't start this until much later in my journey, once I knew I could enjoy it in moderation.

    You'll start recognizing what will motivate you, throughout your journey.

    I wish you the best!

    emoticon emoticon
    2612 days ago
    i think about what other things i enjoy in life besides food. i think i spend so much time focusing on eating that i don't think about other things that can be used as a reward. i think about things i would like to do or try. i will buy myself new tools for hobbies, exercise gear, healthy cooking equipment.
    2612 days ago
  • DAS92687
    My biggest reward is sharing my victories and getting those "atta girl" pats on the back from Hubby and my emoticon s. I have a picture of myself at goal weight I keep around to look at all the time ... and remind myself that is my reward.
    2612 days ago
    I never use food as a reward--it's guaranteed to set me up for failure! Instead I plan my "treats" in my meals and then I know that I can only have x amount. I agree with the others that non-food rewards are the way to go.
    2612 days ago
    I think the best idea is to make a list of non-food things that would be very rewarding to you: a new book, a manicure, a new pair of shoes, a bubble bath, etc etc. Things or activities that don't involve shoes, and that would be a real treat for you, and would help you feel better about yourself, and achieving your goals.

    Don't be too hard on yourself-a lot of us have similar problems with rewards and self-sabotage. You've made an important first step by recognizing that you have the problem, and now are trying to rectify it. Great going!
    2612 days ago
    You can reward yourself with a movie or a nice peaceful bubble bath or new book, new hair do, manicure, the are many things....fresh cut flowers from the grocery store....

    Good for you trying to change for the better. I am proud of you.
    2612 days ago
    This will not work for everyone, but for me, there is no "reward" per se. I work better and do better when I do not reward myself. My "rewards" have always been counterproductive. So I have managed to get out of the "reward" mentality and think of "nice things" I could do for myself. I dream big. European vacation big. And then I think if that's ever going to happen I want to be prepared to do the walking, to weather the airplane flight, etc.

    So being healthy is the reward I want because it puts me in a position to "carpe diem" if I ever find anything I can "carpe".

    I hope that this makes sense.
    2613 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    I have some of the same issues with food. However, by planning those "reward" foods into the weekly feed I've managed to stop seeing them as a reward but just something I eat in moderation. I was rewarded with food the entire time I was growing up, or money for eating everything on my plate. So it's hard to change after 50 + years of that reward system.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. I'll bet you had the same reward system. If you eat all your vegetables or clean your plate you can have dessert. Or it's a special occasion so we're having...

    I have used things like workout dvds I wanted, Kindle books, climbing time for meeting goals. I'm better at planning for rewards than following through though. I like the idea of a money jar for rewards. Each day you follow through on tracking your foods that day you can put 50 cents, 1 dollar, whatever amount you can afford/want to spend. Then you can choose either a smaller gift or a larger one (like a fitbit or exercise equipment) for yourself.

    I want to get a yearly subscription to a "how to dress" site and color/shape identifications as it will help me pull my wardrobe together and feel better about myself, getting rid of clothes that don't fit right, I no longer love, and making room for things I do love and truly need.

    It is so easy to let the time slip away from tracking. The other thing you can do is get a small notebook you can carry or make a list (or take pic) on your phone of what you are eating to refer to when tracking on Sparks.

    Good luck!
    2613 days ago
    2613 days ago
    You are not alone we are all guilty at some point rewarding ourselves with food but as already suggested use the idea of things you want and prepare for them a new book, itune, pair of jeans....mayb your goals could be in 2week increments instead of 1 week which would allow you to have enpiugh goody points to reward yourself. Tracking is a pain but its away to hold you accountable if you are honest to yourself. Keep working at it. The fact that you are seeking help means you are on the right path
    2613 days ago
    I don't reward myself for reaching a goal. Life itself is a reward. Here's a quote from one of my favorite movies...
    "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present." Enjoy your gift, move on, and concentrate on making choices you can live with. emoticon
    2613 days ago
    Make a list of all this things you like to do in life......the things you would do if you have unlimited time in the world (excluding eating in unhealthy ways).

    That is your list of rewards.

    Maybe your reward is just time to do those things.

    Maybe it is buying something small - like a really cool greeting card you send to yourself and keep it where you can see it.

    Maybe it is the time to read a book - check it out from the library and give yourself permission to take time to read.

    Maybe it is a
    2613 days ago
    First, thing I notice, is how hard you beat yourself up. I recognize that, cuz, thats what I did. The perfectionist, gotta get it just right. If I don't do it right, then I have to start all over. Well, I am 54, I am just discovering, how you can't live that way. Its the mistakes we learn by. Pick yourself up. In spark coach, yesterday, they reminded me, that, the saying, one step forward 2 back, they said don't even think that way anymore. Just show up, one step at a time. When we climb a cliff, they tell you not to look up or down, concentrate on what your doing, you will get there. When we reward ourselves with the food, its like we are saying{, those foods are bad for us, and we only get them, when we are good, and making those foods, more seductive, so to say, and we will want them even more. If you want those types of food, just plan them in your meal planning and you are in control that way, and make those foods, just like any other. Hope this all makes sense. My reward would be to take a nice long hot bath or a hot tub. Another thing I have done, is with my special Spark points, I reward, myself with those. I hit whatever goal I set up for myself, and I can go shopping, when I do it. Good luck, emoticon
    2613 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12207279
    Yes I have been there. I am strting to change rewards to things like a manicure or pedicure for meeting a goal. I have the pounds loss thing goint to, but I use wine glasses. I have a change jare that I put money in every day I meet my daily goal to help pay for the bigger rewards. Reward could be like going to a movie, reading a book. Meeting a friend you have not seen for awhile for a coffee or my favorite a walk. emoticon
    2613 days ago
    2613 days ago
  • SUZANNE65203
    I get so tempted to do the same thing. Just yesterday I fit back into a pair of jeans that hadn't fit in months and so today I find myself thinking "I'll take myself out for breakfast." Luckily I did not. I am promising myself a pedicure if I track my food for two weeks straight, which should be this Sunday. Also, I recently joined Audible.com as a reward. It costs about $15 a month and I listen to the audiobooks while walking. Maybe a splurge on a healthy item like a specialty yogurt or fruit might be a compromise.

    Check out a blog by 25Weeks about NSV and NSR--nonscale victories and nonscale rewards. It has lots of suggestions in the comments.

    2613 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/7/2013 10:30:51 AM
    I saw a pin on Pinterest.com that somebody pinned about inspiration for weightloss. They got 2 jars and put pounds to lose on one jar and pounds destroyed (lost) on the other jar. They used marbles. So I decided to do that. I use glass bead instead It helps me to visualize the weight that I want to lose and the weight that I have lost already. You can use something like buying yourself something for every time you lose like 10 pounds or keep your goals for a month. Something that isn't food. It doesn't have to be something big.
    2613 days ago
    Try rewarding yourself with something not food related.. Save up for a new pair of dancing shoes or buy yourself a new nail polish. We can do this!!!! emoticon
    2613 days ago
  • EWL978
    I just feel good and move on to the next day, the next weigh-in, the next weight loss.

    Life is too short to always think in "rewards are me". You do what you do until something comes along to change you. Don't beat yourself up for it.


    2613 days ago
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