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back "16" to the future "goal"

Monday, January 28, 2013

it is very late and I have to be at work by 7:15 am. Alas, I am intrigued by the letters to ones self at 16 and goal weight and felt an Azurita should embrace the back to the future and talk to both.

Ah 16, Fairly slim at this point in my life but still a shy girl with only a few friends in the second year at a new school, a country school where most people don't live in town. Despite the fact that I came form a small town of 30,00, it was a mega-opolis compared to this new town I found myself in.

Advice to that girl:

keep your sense of you. Don't change just because some guy thinks you should or your "friends" think you are being obstinate.

learn how to be more athletic. In 1970, there aren't many girls' sports but you can still go out and be a sporster on your own. you have always marched to your own drum, dare to be that girl athlete you watch swim or skate or dance on TV!

try not to yo-yo diet. instead of fad dieting, go learn about nutrition and make it a life long reality. Make it your passion, make it your career, you will love it even though you don't have a clue now!

keep learning, keep growing, you WILL find the beauty within you one day and you WILL blossom into a wonderful person!

to the FUTURE:

AH, let's see, I should be about 60 now. I finally got the mojo on and put 180% effort into losing the 55# I wanted to shed.

And aren't you looking pretty svelte for a 60 year old. In fact, I would say you are THE best looking one in your family ever. Not only are you at a good weight, you have great muscle tone, you have been able to cut back on a couple of meds AND you eat well. You still LOVE your food but you KNOW how to keep your weight down, your motivation up and enjoy life.

A few new clothes, some old accessories and you have that fashion flare back you had when you were 16 and didn't care about fashion but set it! Keep going lady, those hats look fabulous on you these days.

your best accessory today is one you found truly late in life CONFIDENCE. it is the number one accessory you have to wear every day because you are CAPABLE, you are BEAUTIFUL and you have the BODY, MIND and SPIRIT to live a WONDERFUL life for yourself, your husband and those who meet you along the way.

You have found your gifts, you know what you are good at in life and what you want out of it. Set your goals, dreams the biggest dream and lasso the moon!


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