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My faith is renewed

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My grandson drove me to the doctor yesterday where I was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and he gave me a strong antibiotic. God's timing is so amazing. I was so dizzy that I knew I couldn't drive, so GS had a few days off and was able to help me out, not just with the driving, but getting the prescription filled, and picking up a cup of Quizno's delicious hot chicken soup, with lots of chicken fat. On an ordinary day, the salt and fat would have really distressed me, but as sick as I was, one cup of soup in addition to my only other food of the day, peanut butter on Ezekiel toast didn't matter at all. I have basically lost my appetite in the past few days.
While at the doctor's yesterday, one of the long-time nurses made a remark about "You never come here because you're sick, just for blood work and the like." As she was leaving the room, I thanked her for saying that because I work so hard at staying healthy, eating right, researching, reading labels, etc, and sometimes you wonder if it's all worth it. Well, yesterday, the nurses words were words of confirmation and emoticon to my ears. Considering that I'm mostly in a wheelchair, and have this huge hernia, I make an extra effort to do everything else right. So I left the doctors office feeling a lot better than when I arrived ; I had hope and my faith was renewed that maybe I'd get over this horrible respiratory attack. I also gained a lot of insight into what it must be like to experience a diagnosis that has little hope of cure, so when a request comes over the prayer chain next time, I will have a better insight in how to pray for them. It could have gone either way for me.
All I can say is, "I hear you, God, and emoticon one more time.
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