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too much work..... OH and healthy choices

Sunday, January 13, 2013

my job has me in the middle of working a 7 day stretch, great thing about it I will get thursday, friday, and saturday off. but I'm sure I will get called in. I had a rough day yesterday. OMG I had a customer come through my register and I usually work the express lane 20 items or less, well in the first place this dude couldn't read! But I rung his stuff up anyway. (yes I work at a grocery store) anyway after he left, he left a loaf of bread, and like with all my customers if they leave something I will put it under my register until they come back to get it. if its cold we'll put it in the cooler, well about an hour later the guy comes back and he's staring at me and I looked at him and I said you left a loaf of bread didn't you? he said yes ma'am and a pack of bacon. I looked at him and said I found the bread but no bacon. I always know what I scan for each customer and I know for a fact that this guy nevger purchased any bacon, well I asked him if he has his recite ( i hope I spelled that right) he said no it was at home in his work clothes. I told in a polite respectful manner that if he would bring back his recite later that night or tomorrow we would be more than happy to let him get his bacon. Well appartly that pissed him off. And he storms off out the door saying he come all the way back to the store for nothing. Not 5 minutes later he comes back and he's eye balling me. He goes and gets his bacon and he goes to the register behind, at the time I was not checking anyone out and I looked behind me and he;s standing there still eyeballing me. I told him I could check him out and he just stood there cussing me (excuse my language calling me a bitch and an idiot. finally he got pissed again cause apparently the other clerk wasn't fast enough for him and he threw the bacon into the drink cooler and made it a point to walk past my register and was still eyeballing me. I heard a truck rev his engine and I look out the windows to see him flying past and yet again he was still eyeballing me. AND he flipped me off! I was scared I thought he was gonna come back and try to shoot me. Well I went on my break and I went outside and smoked a ciggarette. (I know bad habit I need to quit) and I was so scared that I was about to cry and I went back inside to eat my lunch instead of outside in the warm air like I usually do. I couldn't talk to anyone I was so upset and felt like I did something. And everytime someone asked me what was wrong I couldn't tell them cause everytime I tried my eyes were water up. Well later that evening my manager was leaving to go home and I finally told her what went down and she said not to worry about it that I did the right thing, and he was probably trying to get a free pack of bacon or he wouldn't have went through all that trouble "trying" to get another pack. And that he just wanted to make me feel bad for something that wasn't my fault. I felt better after that.

Today went better. I did have a lady that wanted to blame me for something I had no control over. She was complaining about something that was taken off the shelf even though it was there 3 days ago. I'm a cashier I have no control over what is and is not on the shelves. And she wanted to make out like it was my fault and that I should do something about it. If your gonna complain about something like that then complain to someone more higher up. Us cashiers and baggers don't have any control over what happens outside of the registers we are there to check you out and bag your stuff up.

Anyway enough about work, I came home from work and did a good deed! I ate some carrots and fat free ranch for a snack instead of cookies, chips, brownies and cake! I could of got the other stuff instead but my body hollered out carrots and ranch! And boy I don't feel guily bacause of it!

I know this blog is pretty long and I know you guys want to read others besides mine, but I wanted you guys to know about the work thing for some reason, I guess just so I have someone else I tell it to. LOL But I wanted to thank you guys for reading my blogs and for your support, maybe you won't have to hear about my work problems anymore. lol you all have a great night and I'll try to blog again within the next couple days.
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    2923 days ago
  • GINNJEN1974
    Man this blog rings so true. I too work with the public and sometimes they can be more than trying. Good for you and not giving into cookies, cake, brownies or chips. I might not have made that choice. We cannot make everyone happy that we serve and yes there are those out there that just want to give you a hard time. Next time take a deep breath and carry on. I hope nobody make you cry especially if they are just trying to get over on your place of employment.

    Also we need people like us who serve the public. Without us lots of things wouldnt work. I work in a laundry facility so I so know.
    2924 days ago
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